Peace is the greatest instrument on stage


Having a 60 piece worship team all out of volunteers can drive me up the wall sometimes. Being the worship leader full time, allows me to sit down and do decent planning before a practice and service. However, relying on volunteers who are 90% self taught muso's, all have full time jobs who cannot put in the time I do, makes things a little bit more tricky.

Working with volunteers is awesome and you see people sowing time and talents into the kingdom of God, but as people have their own lives unlike myself being full-time in ministry we've had times without lead guitarists or drummers, and as much as I would like to step in and fill the gap, I am already bound behind the Keyboard and Mic.

To top it off, the muso's in training you have available cant cope stepping up taking a lead role in the team, and we've wasted hours of practice for services without making progress.

Going into a service telling the guys in the prep talk that we must just push through, creates a tension. Yes there is times we have to address muso's who just did not practice or focus, but that just place more pressure and should be done any other time than before the service. It sometimes drive me up the wall if we are minutes from playing and they just cant get it right and you can hear it is heading down to a disaster.In times like this, as worship leader, it can feel like I just want to disappear, but I have been called to do the work in the ministry.

I soon realized that once you know it is not going down as you planned or hoped to, forget about the past practice and the weak areas, it is best to encourage your team and just enjoy what you are doing. If your team see you are not comfortable, they get tense as well. So recently I have been asking God for some extra peace and turned out that even having the weakest team on stage, that peace allows the Holy Spirit to flow so much more, even though muso's are making mistakes, forgetting chords and messing up rhythms.

The first time I felt this amount of peace on stage, I had so much fun, even with guitarists messing up bad. I came down from stage and my pastor called me in after.. At first I got this feeling of "oh no. He was not happy" and he turned with a smile and said: "wow there was such a flow from stage."

Now I know that as a muso we know exactly the places where we mess up, and 80% of the congregation wont even realize the mistake and enjoy worship, while I'm just biting my teeth to get through a music hiccup. But to me, I am striving for the best.

Having peace in your heart is the best instrument to have on stage, it puts your team to ease, calms you down as a leader and allow the Holy spirit to move freely.

I would rather go up on stage with absolute peace in my heart and a less experienced team, than go up on stage having all the confidence in my strongest team and the success of the practice beforehand. Having this peace in my heart has taken myself and my team to greater depths of worship, and have received many testimonies from others saying they've never felt like that in worship, proved to me that God's perfect peace is something I can never operate without.

Peace in your hear is the greatest instrument you can have on stage.

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