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Some people have attacked me saying we are not supposed to dance, clap lift our hands and bowing is meant for prayer not worship and also other expressions that people use when they worship. I have written this article and I pray that they might understand the power of the lifting hands and its effect.


“I will, therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting” 1Timothy 2:8 Our hands reading from 1Timothy the Apostle Paul accords that our hands are holy, holy means that they are sacred, sanctified and set apart this is the basic dictionary meaning of holy. Is there power in lifting up holy hands to a Holy God? Think about it. God’s holiness confounds evil and so when we lift up our hands we are coming against evil in all its work against us.


The power is released when we lifting up holy hands.
“He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully” Psalms 24:4.
David spoke that our hands our clean, looking even back in days of the sacrifices you would find that they had to offer a clean animal without spot or blemish

David saw and understood that lifting our hands was a sacrifice on its own, lifting our hands is a sacrifice. Our hands our clean and when kept as clean, they offer unto God worship that cause God to route the enemies set against us. When worshipping God lift up your hands as there is power in lifting up your hands.


When we raise our hands we mean two things, one of them is surrender. When we lift up our hands we give it to our lives to God, we surrender ourselves to God. In this we are offering our divine will to God and this allows God to work in us because God works on free will. When we lift our hands we surrender to God.
“A Psalm of David. Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight”, Psalms 144:1
Our bodies and hands are instruments of war, they were created as such. That why Ephesians speaks that we should wear the armour of God, it is because our bodies were created as instruments of war and our hands when they were created to do war and fight in the physical and in the spiritual realms.


There is power when we lift up our holy hands which God created to fight, just the fact that you raise your hands you are actually fighting against evil and you win because when you lift up your hands you are only subject to the one you are lifting up your hands to. Lifting hands I a sing of victory as well and that signifies that we have conquered and are conquering Every time someone score a goal in a football match, every home run, every touch down, every victory sport people and celebrities lift up their hands have you ever thought of that?.


Every time when asked a question in class you have to raise your hand, ever thought of that? Every time you are pointed a gun what do you do? You raise your hands isn’t it. When you lift up your hands you might not see the power of God but it is when your spiritual eyes are opened that you get to see the effect of your raised hands and the power they produce. If the evil world raise their hands to curse us or plan evil against us and sometimes they prevails. Why can’t we use our clean and holy hands which were created to fighting, to bless God in all we do?


Every day we lift up our hands and we lift up our hands and we don’t understand what it means. I pray that you come to understand the power of lifting up your hands to God every day of your life with your focus being on God.


“Worship in the Beauty of His Holiness”

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Comment by Stevo on June 28, 2011 at 6:16pm

Hands have no power, they are not holy in and of themselves. It's a figure of speech, equating our hands with our spirits and souls which can be made holy. Paul is encouraging us to make sure we're holy and right with God when we worship. And since worship involves lifting our hands, it's nice compact way of saying what I just said without so many words. 


Again, when David said, "teaches my hands to war", he's using the hands figuratively. Every part of David was involved in war, but he was using a powerful figure of speech to indicate that God gave him the skill for war. Since the hand holds spears and swords and shields, it's a good way to focus on the God-given skill without saying, "God gave me the great training in spears, swords and shields and how to use them and how to be cunning and strong in battle.." 


Think about it - does the Whitehouse have any power? No, it's a building. So why do we say, "The Whitehouse delcared a day of mourning at the death of Senator Smith", when it was the President or his staff who did so? It is a typical literary device designed to be efficient - we may not know who actually declared the day of mourning, but we know it has the President's stamp of approval. It could also be said that when we say "the Whitehouse did such and such", we are saying that the President did so with the full backing of his staff and cabinet.


The Bible is full of figurative language and not paying attention to this fact will lead you into things like claiming that hands are somehow holy in and of themselves. The fact is, they can stand for something beside themselves and the context will guide you into that. When you finally see what it's talking about, you will be rewarded with the richness intended for those who labor in the word.


The power that is inherent in prayer is our own personal righteous standing with God, not some particular act. If we have iniquity in our hearts, God won't hear our prayer. But the prayer of a righteous man avails much. It matters not that he lifts his hands if his heart is evil - right?


If it helps you to lift up your hands - helps you to focus on being humble and needy before God - that's a good thing. But it can also be an idolatrous ritual if the person believes there is power in it by just doing it. In fact, to say so borders on divination. 

Comment by Donna R. Patrick on June 29, 2011 at 6:58pm
I can totally respect Stevo's comment regarding being in proper context.  And I can respect his caution about lifted hands having no meaning in and of themselves.  Worship is, after all, a matter of the heart.  So no matter how high, or how long I lift my hands, if my heart is not involved and if my motive is not to worship the Almighty God, the Father of Jesus Christ, then my lifting hands is in vain.  However, Psalm 134:2 tells us to lift up our hands in the sanctuary, and bless the Lord.  There are two Hebrew words for "praise" in "todah" and "yadah"; both deal with lifting of hands, and throwing out the hands; both are forms of surrender.  As Kelvin notes in his original post above, lifted hands are an act of surrender.  I like classic westerns; everytime the marshall caught up with the bandits they dropped their guns and their hands went up - in surrender.  The same concept applies in the spirit realm.  Whether we're surrendering our own self-righteousness, our own insufficiency to solve a problem, or our own superiority, when we lift hands we are telling God, "I give up, I surrender, Lord, I trust You to handle this for me, and I'll wait on you for the answer."  I believe the determining factor in lifting hands is motive.  Prov. 16:2 says all of man's ways are right in his own eyes, but God weighs the motives.
Comment by Stevo on June 29, 2011 at 9:46pm



Motive and heart condition - that is what I was trying to say. I think it's dangerous to imply that there is something inherent in the hands themselves. How many times did that bad guy throw his hands up and then quickly draw his gun and kill the sheriff? 

Comment by Kelvin Mutize on June 30, 2011 at 4:53pm

@ Stevo a question, why does anything that man does when he wins anything he lifts up his hands whther he knows what he is doing or not


totally respect what your saying 


God made our lives to be used for his glory and created us live for Him just lyk the Armour of God

Comment by Stevo on July 1, 2011 at 4:08pm

Not everyone who wins lifts their hands, but I know what you're saying. Just note that they're doing it spontaneously from their hearts. Also note that the high priests of any Godless and pagan religion all lift their hands.


I'm just saying, but careful. Hands have no power or holiness. Jesus said that it's not what goes in your mouth that makes you holy but what comes out of your mouth. 


If you aren't able to cut through the figures of speech in scripture and understand the meaning behind them, you run the risk of focusing on the symbol instead of the meaning behind it.

Comment by Vic Salt on July 7, 2011 at 1:44pm

From personal experience and from watching as a helper at events I would say it is better to physically take up the attitude of our hearts and minds to enable us to fully engage.   Though there are times when a visiter in a congregation I've realise that jumping,  dancing, laying face down or even holding a hand up  would not be helpful to my bothers and sisters in Christ. 

There was a great line in an old British film.   The priest says to the father of a seriously ill daughter that he should kneel and pray.  The father refuses to kneel and the priest say it's of no matter as God can see that your on your knees in your heart.


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