Then this message came to Jeremiah from the LORD: "I am  the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world.  Is anything too hard for me?"     Jeremiah 32:27 (NLT)

A while back I wrote a devotional called, Praising God Ahead of Schedule.  The point was to remind us that we can praise God before the blessing comes - before what we have prayed about for so long becomes manifest.  We don't have to wait until the blessing comes to praise God!  He's worthy of our praise on this side of the problem!  In his lifetime, Pastor Jerome E. McNeil, Jr. preached a sermon entitled, Where Were You When I Needed You?  In that message he spoke of when we ask God the "how," "why," and "when" questions, what God really wants us to do is operate in faith; trusting Him even when we cannot see or understand with our human faculties.   I believe that sometimes in our Christian experience we forget that God can do anything; sometimes we may not stop to reflect on how big God is, and how totally able He is to bring a solution to any dilemma.   In today's passage, God is making Himself known. I love that about God; He needs no one to speak for Him - He is perfectly able to speak for Himself.   If He is the God of all mankind, does that not mean He is in control of all man?  We can stand on that.  Our circumstances may not look like what we need for them to look like, but all the evidence we need of His power and grace to walk through any test will be found in intentional prayer, and intentional praise and worship.  God wants us to gather evidence in His Word and make it our growth tool as we move toward the purpose God has for us.  

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