Always ask yourself am I prepared to Worship God anytime, anyplace, anywhere?


When we worship our minds think about God, we offer ourselves to Him our emotions and we open our hearts with our bodies expressing to all this by actions. Which means that worship is not just a mouth but it’s about your spirit, soul and body all focused to lift up his name. If you check yourself and see that you are missing one part then there is something you need to work on.


When you are a part of the worship given to God then we have to get prepared for this work all time. Israel was always told in advance to get prepared to the appearance or manifestation of God on the mountain. Their preparation in Exodus 19:10, 14-15 wasn’t just a spiritual act but it was physical act.


Israel had 3 big festivals (feast of unleavened bread, the feast of weeks and the feast of tabernacles) every year which they conducted and honoured of which worship was the central part of it. Worship in Israel was focused on the temple and the tabernacle and one thing that they had to do was to prepare before they came to the temple, tabernacle or the festival.  Whether they were giving a sacrifice, a love offering, guilt offering or whatever they were giving to God, one thing they did was that they prepared to meet God, do you yourself prepare or live a prepared life.


Charles Swindoll wrote once “We often are so caught up in our activities that we tend to worship our work, work at our play and play at our worship”. We tend just to walk up and just do something we call worship, we now play at our worship. Worship is a lifestyle it’s giving glory to God always and if that’s the case then the question would be how do I prepare.


Be in a place where your heart, mind, spirit and soul are always in check with God, even if you fall you need to pick yourself up again be ready always to meet God. Be ready day in day out 24/7 to forever be always lifting up God in all your ways and work. When you work up in the morning prepare to meet God, it’s not just a spiritual act but it’s also a mental and physical act to stay in a place where you are expectant to be meeting or live with God.


One man once said God is the business of meeting with people and we need to live a life that always in a place of uprightness, believing and trusting that God will meet with us. Is worship is daily experience and lifestyle then we should live our lives separate and clean and be ready to meet our Maker always.



What else can we do in preparation for worship?


"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"

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