I'm not aware of any cases in the Bible where someone was healed or saved who wasn't interested in being healed. I suppose you might count children who were healed at their parents' requests, but I think it's safe to say that God hasn't given us a record where He's overridden someones free will.

So how would you go about praying for the restoration of a marriage when one of them either isn't a Christian or is at least a "fire insurance" christian? I mean you can pray that they would be open to salvation or open to a real commitment to Jesus, but when they've shown year after year that they're not interested in being anything other than they already are... I guess that's praying for a miracle. I still know better than to think God will force a person to believe. So at some point the two are bound to wind up at odds with no solution.

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Comment by Dale on January 12, 2009 at 10:58pm
That's a tough one. Reminds me of my mom who prays all the time for my two unsaved brothers and their wives. I just know that God can change a heart (1 Samuel 10). How the Lord changes it may not be the way we prefer. I heard a story of a mother who always prayed for her wild-partying son - for his protection. Then one evening as he was preparing to go out on the town, she said "I've been praying for your safety all this time, but tonight my prayer is going to change to "Lord, do whatever it takes to bring my son to you." The son knew enough about God that he chose to stay home that night. The son decided it was time to seriously re-think his life.

Perhaps that is an option - aim your prayer weapons at a more vulnerable spot of your intended target. No one can defend against a prayer.


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