Where Is Your Worship?

In my book I devote several chapters to the reasons some people sit in church and miss worship. The reasons are many and varied, but we'll be reminded of one of them in today's devotional. Tradition, i.e., "religious experience" is one of the main reasons people miss worship every Sunday. There are people who come to church on Sunday simply because it seems to be the right thing to do; surrendering to God in true worship never enters their minds. This is the group that comes to have their weekly "religious experience," but they never experience God's presence. Worship and coming to church are not the same thing. We all go to church, but what is your motive for being there? In Second Timothy 2:19 we learn that God knows those who are His. He knows those who are there to worship Him, as opposed to those who are there to satisfy their religious attractions. Worship is a love relationship with our heavenly Father. But please don't misunderstand; Sunday morning is not the only time we can enjoy that relationship. We can worship God anytime, anywhere, for any reason. The best reason is just because He's God. We don't have to wait for some miraculous event to occur before we worship God. As a matter of fact, we are free to worship Him before the miraculous occurs! We can bump our "worship schedule" and get on God's worship schedule. David said in Psalm 34:1, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth." He doesn't qualify the where, but he does let us know when and how often. He says "at all times" and "continually." That's it.

My prayer is that you will, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, raise your level of participation in the worship service from merely a religious experience to an experience of God's holy presence. I challenge you this week to turn your heart to seek God's face in worship. When you do you will no longer sit in church for a religious fix, but rather standing or bowing to meet God and encounter His presence.

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Comment by Brian S. Arocha on September 23, 2012 at 2:44pm

Sister Donna,

I am so blessed by the message. I believe it is the Holy Spirit that put His words into your heart to share it. Amen sister! there are lots of people who come to church for different reasons and with different motives.Some even come to church because they thought it is the only place where you can worship God, that is why when they go out from the church they will forget Him. They leave God in the church and visit Him the next Sunday. So sad but true...

My prayer is that everyone must have a real experience with God. Everyone must recognized Him wherever we are and whatever we do. That in everything we do "we will do it to the Glory of God". 

Comment by Donna R. Patrick on September 24, 2012 at 1:06am

Brian, you're so right.  Many feel that the church is the ONLY place to worship God.  That's why teaching on worship is so necessary.  It isn't that they don't care, they just haven't been taught any different.  Thanks for your very insightful response. 


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