Good Day  Worshippers

A Worship Pastor once said this story at a worship seminar we did. A 6year old boy first week in primary school brought home a picture he drew in art class and walked up to the father and said “Daddy look at what I drew and he handed him a piece of paper with a picture drawn on it like this


The father was so excited and happy and he asked “did you draw this” the son with a great smile and happiness replied it is me and this is my first in school. The father took the drawing was proud of the son and was happy though this wasn’t a good drawing but he was proud and happy for his son and he took the drawing and placed it on the fridge. Everyone who came into their house was shown the picture by the father and he continually boasted of his son.


“ But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags”, Isaiah  64:6 and I also read a book one of the paragraph headings was our worship is like filthy rags before the Lord. We can never equal the quality of the worship that God receives in Heaven, from the angels and the 24 elders.


Three weeks ago I messed up, for others you may see it as small but to me it was a huge log afterwards and what was breaking about the whole mess up was that I had a deeper understanding of what the grace and the love of God is all about.


How many times have we fought with each other, for spotlight, microphones, platforms, fight with our spouse, spoke wrong things, brought down others, whatever sin it may beno matter how big or small it may be, sin is sin. How many times have we come before the Lord with those big and small sins hanging on our back, worship him regardless of sin and still God loved our worship.


Just like that father, God takes our worship and sticks it in front of Him regardless of what we have done He still embraces us and communes with us. Whether you have sinned big time or small time God still take our incomplete worship and places it in front of Him.


God is not a self seeking, worship thirsty God but he desires that we worship because he wants us to commune with him. Boasting before the heavens of our worship even with the sin working or lingering around us. Isn’t that a good God, that inspite of all we have done, no matter how complete and incomplete our worship is God still love to hear and commune with us in worship and still regards us as his children worthy to worship Him.


God love us and has poured grace inspite of our sin, don’t stop to worship because you have sinned but gather the strength repent (change your ways) and God before Him not with guilt but with the heart of a prodigal son. Worship him with all you heart and you will see that he will pour his love and grace upon you.


"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"


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