God has placed it in my heart to write songs that ease believers' discomfort with questions and struggles they have in their walk with Him, helping them articulate thoughts and feelings they might be having a difficult time expressing or processing. Creating this medium for people to bring these things to God in is my passion, no matter how small the audience. I remember the first time I had ever heard the song, "Speak to Me" by Audio Adrenaline. At that moment in time, these words from someone else seemed to be coming from my very heart. It helped me piece together and verbalize my feelings to God, and as in any other relationship, things dramatically changed after my communication with Him became more precise. This is how God wants to use me to help others.

But He has invited me to do something a little different for the time being. Between some personal study, Sunday mornings at FFC, and growth group discussions, I have been inspired to just focus on who God is for a bit and what it means to be eternal creatures and how this reflects His glory. Writing about these types of things has a completely different feel to it. God is just too . . . awesome to comprehend, so I'm finding it impossible to complicate, which hardly makes sense at all.

But like I said, it's something a little different.

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