Sometimes all ya gotta do is slide up...

Hey this is Rev. Matt again. Okay all, at one time earlier we have struggled to figure out that one chord and then later on end up kicking ourselves in the butt when we realize...that's all it is! A prime example of this (which was also the same way I found out about this) was when I just happened to figure out to play a B-suspended chord and then slide down toward the headstock on the fretboard. Well anyway not only can i apply that to Open the Eyes of My Heart, I can also exercise this technique on Trading My Sorrows for our praise team (Of course this Past Sunday I wasn't allowed to because the substitute keyboardist would have had a fit if I played my guitar for Trading My Sorrows and left her hanging! So...I had to stay on keys; hmpfh!) :-)~

Then I figured out another chord; one of those augmented 7th chords I believe. And thank God that I did because I will definitely need that as part of an arrangement for "He Wants It All' by Forever Jones. Yes, everyone, the easier way is to play this on a baritone guitar where the entire axe is tuned a fifth below the majority of guitars but I don't need that (thought I did but it's all good)!

God is awesome and playing acoustic guitar for Him is too!

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