Soundcraft MH2 Versus Allen & Heath GL2400

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Just wondering have any of you guys any experience with either or preferably both of the above MH2 or GL2400 mixing desks or similar. We have an Allen & Heath GL2000 at our church and its getting old now and a few channels are faulty and we are thinking of investing in a new mixing desk. The GL2000 has 24 channels so we are thinking of upgrading to 32 channels. We mainly use it for just live music and recording talks on Ubercaster. We have 3 Compressors and a Graphic Equaliser hooked up to the GL2000 which we will continue to use with the new MD. I find the GL2000 very easy to use and have never seen a Soundcraft mixing desk but our pastor has heard great reviews about this. Important features would be obviously sound quality and also ease of use as most of our volunteer sound people are not technical. I would also like post-fade listen. Any comments ?

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Comment by Eric on September 6, 2010 at 5:03pm
We too use an Allen 7 Heath GL2000 - one send has failed and we have just started to get an intermittent crackle on the send we use for the Loop (which is devastating). I really like the mixer. I think to a large extant Allen & Heath and SoundCraft mixers are both very good.

Last time I looked they tended to have a slightly different mix of facilities so I think I would go with whichever gives you best match to what you want at the price. I don’t think you will be disappointed with either. I do lean to Allen & Heath myself, but would look very carefully at what SoundCraft offered before deciding on a model to buy, and I am not willing to say that our next mixer will not be soundcraft because I may be made to eat my own words.
Comment by Barry Gilbert on September 6, 2010 at 6:27pm
Thanks for input Eric. Will look very carefully at both.


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