Hello Friends!
Hmm…! There is always a special day, a special time when a special person comes into out life & heart and fills it with Love, Joy & Peace.
Then you can't just imagine living without him/her.

Yes, you're right. Today I am going to share about the special person who changed my life. What can I say about him...? He is just WONDERFUL… an AWESOME person. Who cannot be compared to anyone? His personality..? Hmmm...It cannot be described, because he is such a unique person with a unique personality.

Well...Well...Well..! But there is one thing that I can describe. That special thing which he gave me. Without even asking anything in return.
Yes. HIS LOVE…HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. For me. Well and also I can never love him as much as he loves me. I cannot even measure or weigh his love.

And I don't know why he loved me so much, when I just ignored him & rejected him. Never did I pay attention to what he said or what he wanted to say or never even respected him. And just Enjoyed my life the way I wanted to.

But on my way, one day, there was one point where I was lost completely. And in front of me was a big cloud of darkness which covered me & I was unable to come out of it because nor could I go ahead nor could I go back due to the darkness around me. I was just trapped.

And I didn't know what was really happening & where I was. But I had lost the joy, peace & love I had in my life. They had left me and gone. And the things left behind with me were sadness, confusion & fear. And I kept crying and searching for something I could hold on to. Or something where I could find my joy, peace & love back. But no there was nothing I could cling on to or where I could find these three things back.

And I kept crying & praying all through the darkness that may be someone will hear my cry & see my pain & come to my aid. And may be I thought I could see some light, but no I didn't have hope. I thought I was lost forever. When suddenly I heard a voice call my name & I looked in the direction from where the voice was coming. And I saw a person standing there, who took hold of my hand & helped me get up.

I just kept on looking at him for some seconds. And thought is this a dream or and illusion I'm seeing…? When he spoke, "no, it's not a dream or an illusion, its true. I'm here for you & only you".
But, I said, "why did you come here?" he said, "because you're here and I have come to your rescue. And I can't see the person I love in trouble or crying. I love you truly and don't want to live without you. Come let's go home."

And I could not control but only cry because that day I realized how much he loves me & cares for me. He turned around & asked me, "Now what happened? Why are you crying? I'm here now, you need not to fear". And I said, "Before we go home, I want to say something. I know I have no rights to say these things because I have done so many mistakes which are unforgivable. I have said so many things to you... Never respected you or even tried to understand you. I have always rejected you & hated you.

But today I want to say from my heart, 'I LOVE YOU & WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU'. Will you accept me..?
And he said, "I had already accepted you, when you were in your mother's womb & will never leave you nor forsake you but always be with you wherever you go till eternity. I am he who will protect you & fill you with my love, joy & peace. And goodness will go with you & never again will darkness cover you. But terror & fear will be far from your tent.

And from that day onwards, never has my love or his promise made to me ever left me. Though I cannot see him but I can feel his love around me. When I'm tired & lonely, he comes & fills me with his love & joy & peace. And I don't feel lonely anymore.

Well friends, you all must be thinking who is this special person in my life..? Who is so wonderful & caring with an unconditional love…?

Hmmm…I'm proud to tell the world that it is none other than "JESUS". The love of my life. Who laid his life for me & gave his unconditional love to me. And never asked anything in return. But just waited for me to return to him.

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