I've often wondered about how God might wisely handle our all to frequent self-centered prayer requests. The other morning my little girl came bouncing up to me as I stood leaning bleary eyed over my decaf and gleefully proclaimed "Mom ... I want Bologna!" Then she raced off again to her train tracks and play. I'm sure I must have muttered something in response, but I wasn't at all convinced that this was an earnest request. Even in my sleepy state I felt fairly confident that the urge would pass quickly and that the round slice of unrecognizable lunch meat would be found discarded days later curing somewhere on an obscure side table. So I waited and sure enough the request, which at the time of delivery seemed urgent and definate, was now forgotten entirely.

I wonder if this might be the way God deals with us? I know that many of my prayers and wants are passing fancies that fade or evolve with the circumstances, the emotion of the moment, or even the life season. Often they are simply forgotten as some other "shiney object" gets my attention. Pathetic really, how my perceived 'needs' are really so shallow. God always has a far better thing in mind. So I wonder if God hears these petitions with a loving heart ... and then waits. Waits because he wants to see if we are really serious (which he knows we are not often). Waits to let us realize that our need is instead the hollow ringing of some deeper longing...? Waits because he loves us to much to let our willfullness run amok. Waits because our patience is His to give. Waits because what he has to give us is so much more....

I wonder how much stale bologna God has had to clean up after me...

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