I have heard this phrase so many times through reading songwriting books, seminars and such. It can get really frustrating on the one hand especially when you feel your hands are tied and you can't do what you would like to do. And it can get you thinking creatively about what kind of goals you want to make and where to start.

It's difficult when the negative creeps in and I start thinking about "me." Why are we so human even when we are christians? ug. lol. When I start thinking about how to promote myself, how to record my songs, where to get the money, all of the things the world screams at me that I must think about in order to make an impact as a singer/songwriter in the music business I go stir crazy. How do people do it by themselves? They're amazing. It becomes time consuming and I forget how much I am thinking about myself.

On the flip side, I can't control the circumstances around me. I can't make things happen. But what I can do is start where I am planted and go through the doors that open up. One such example is I called to see if I could be a part of a "Songs of Gratitude" concert here in Pleasanton. They were bringing together local artists to perform. God opened that door and I'm excited to be involved in a community event. Another thing that has happened is that some songwriters from our church have formed a songwriters circle. We meet once a month and share what we have been working on. We keep each other accountable and encourage each other. Three of us are going to make cds by October. Me included. Woohoo! = ) We are all going to help make sure it happens. The other one is a lyricist and we are going to make sure she has at least one of her amazing songs recorded professionally. This has been tons of fun!

Why am I sharing this with the WTR community? Because I believe there are others among us who feel the same way. We see all of these really great worship artists that produce great albums and it can be easy to compare and get frustrated. God is amazing and He gives us what we can handle. I also believe He calls us to minister right where we are at. What a challenge that has become for me. It has also been extremely rewarding. Let's remember to focus on what God is wanting us to do now and encourage one another in the process. = )

I am planning to have my first album finished by October. It will have the songs that have been used by God to minister to others and some new ones. In the mean time I will post the lyrics and stories behind the songs.

Until then. God bless you. We are all in this together, right? = )


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