Maybe I should have been a bit more worried a bit when I got the call Saturday evening from my right-hand guy Ted (who happens to be the dad of our drummer and our 2nd guitarist). "Say, did I remember to tell you that we're camping this weekend and won't be there tomorrow? I can't remember if I remembered to let you know..." (he hadn't...a very rare oversight on his part...)

OK...not the end of the world, and everyone needs a vacation from time to time...

Upon arriving at the church, I put down the laptop and went to fetch the key for the AV cabinet where the projector lives during the week, along with some of the pricier microphones...hmm key isn't in it's normal place. Backup key is on Ted's keychain...which is in a tent somewhere away from here. OK...keep looking, ever widening circles...all the obvious places it might have gotten put...nothing...several not-so-obvious places...still nothing. Setup time is now eroding rather deeply into warmup time. I decide that the only way we're getting into the cabinet is to force the lock...grab a large screwdriver from the workroom, but I can't get the lock to turn, and the screwdriver keeps slipping out. I ask our guitarist (whom I'd never arm-wrestle, as I'm allergic to pain) if he'll have a go at dice. Back to the toolbox...aha--apply ball-peen hammer liberally to handle of screwdriver...slippage is no longer an issue, and now the lock turns with a satisfying-yet-expensive-sounding crunch.

OK...the projector is set up, and we have time to run through a VERY abbreviated warm-up. The service starts on time, by the thinnest definition of "on-time." My opening prayer after the opening song is as much for myself as it is for the congregation as a whole: "Lord, please help us to leave the distractions of this past week (mentally substituting 'past hour') so that we can truly worship You."

Lack of full warm-up, and lack of rhythm section (yes, it would be wrong to wish poison ivy upon the drummer) start to show themselves as we progress. To top it off, part way through the second number, my throat starts to tighten up. I give the congregation a chance to greet each other and hit the Ricola doesn't seem to help. I scratch my way through two more songs, and then go grab water during the prayers and announcements. I think I'm doing OK for the song right before the so much. After the music is done, I retreat to the cry room and have a good coughing fit.

I'm not sure if God was trying to tell me something, or if I was being spiritually attacked for some reason, or if it just wasn't my day. As far as I can tell, the congregation didn't seem to notice too much amiss, but I'm not looking forward to auditing our recording. I just hope that we didn't do damage to the cause of Christ. Now I just need to go look up the number of a local locksmith...

This may be one of the oddest entries for this week over at the SundaySetlist site...but who knows?

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Comment by Lorraine Doswell on August 11, 2009 at 11:44am
Think of it this way, it can only get better : ) We all get days like this from time to time, and you think, what's all this about, what more can go wrong, surely it can't get any worse, and it does. Sometimes I think, if it's gonna go wrong, then let everything go wrong together - I'm not sure where the logic is in that, I don't think there is any, come to think of it! But you know, in the not too distant future, you will look back on this and have a good laugh. Keep smiling, your doing great job. God Bless Lorraine


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