Take some time to BE THERE, Swing a bit and eat some fruit ;-)

So, in the recent weeks, I suppose it was about two weeks ago, our senior pastor gave a sermon that really reached into my heart. He was speaking about being more like Mary, because in this culture we are very much like Martha…doing doing doing. ( I am an extreme Martha who thrives on serving and doing)Well God allowed me to catch the latest Cold/flu virus that’s going around. Yes, God called me to be a Mary today. And funny coincidence (ok, definitely not a coincidence) My worship pastor put up a link to the main speakers they had heard from at the National Worship leaders conference. (My last post was about this conference too)

So, I decided to take today to watch some of this. I began today with Dr. Leonard Sweet, who boldly began with “We love to sing the song “What a friend we have in Jesus,” But what kind of friend are we TO Jesus? Good question…

His entire lecture was about two words BE THERE.

What a shame if we miss our moment. Don’t stand in the prescience of greatness and let it pass you by!

It’s all about Apples and oranges folks. The way the older generation was raised ( he referred to this as the Gutenberg generation…those born prior to 1973) they look at the world in an orange sort of way. We eat an orange by breaking it in parts and peeling off the layers. Take the verse “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” We made it into “intellectually comprehend and understand that the Lord is good.” We approach the Bible as chapters and verses. We memorize scripture by verse but do we ever memorize a story in the Bible?

We eat Apples as a whole; we take the entire thing and bite into it. We need to be Apple people in an orange church. We need to start treating the Bible as an Apple, instead of taking in parts like the orange.

This makes a lot of sense to me, and it seems to be the way our Pastor approaches things too. In services, he will take an entire story and read it before the congregation instead of pulling it apart into this verse here and this verse there etc. We then get the entire picture rather than a little bit or piece that makes the point for us. (on a side note, it’s really come to my attention that) A lot of the things I have been learning about outside of the average day at church has really made me appreciate the local church body I’ve been called to serve alongside. I am so fortunate to be able to sit and learn from these great men!

The Google generation thinks in images rather than words. (Which I have to admit I am a Google generation person) The sweet spot in a Google’s world is when two opposites come together but are not contradictory. What is great about that?! Well luckily that’s all over in scripture! The first shall be last for example. Dr. Sweet said that we should have a confident humility. This means that we are confident in the fact that I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me. But we should have humility and also remember that without Christ we can do nothing. In this we have Confident humility.

Dr. Leonard sweet gave a good metaphor for “Be there.” He describes it like a swing, at the same time as we lean back we also kick out. In the same fashion we should lean back into the arms of Jesus (Be) and Kick forward (there).

Like when we sing a song, (he used the demonstration of the song Nothing but the blood). Everyone at the conference sang the song. When they stopped he said, “What made that so beautiful was the harmony.” We need to be in tune with Christ and in touch with the culture.

This impacted my heart in so many ways. I am a definite google person. I think about things in images and when someone can paint a good picture of something in my mind it has much greater impact on me. Things such as the apple and orange metaphor as well as the swing metaphor are not things that will leave me quickly. The church today needs to strive to bring the old and young together. And that will take some time on the swing 

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Comment by Barry on September 22, 2009 at 6:34pm
Good job!
Comment by Rebecca on September 22, 2009 at 6:36pm
Thanks! That speech had so much meat in it I was thinking my post may wind up a book :-)


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