Takeover The World With Planning Center Online

First there was fire, then came the wheel, then came Planning Center Online!  
Planning Center Online (PCO) is a cloud based software application for planning your worship services and administrating your worship ministry. PCO is an indispensable tool for worship leaders of churches of any size.  PCO will streamline your work flow and boost your productivity. You can even use it to take over the world!  Okay, I might be over selling it with that whole takeover the world bit...  But... While you might not be able to make a viable bid for world domination you can...

...Organize your music library
Throw out those clumsy three ring binders! PCO will help you manage your entier music library.  All of your music gets loaded up to the cloud and is easily accessible from any computer or portable device with access to the web.  You can customize meta data for each song which allows you to easily search your library by song title, key, style, topic, etc.

...Generate chord sheets
You can generate custom chord sheets for any song.  The sheets will use a standardize format that will automatically insert all the CCLI data into the header and footer of the document.  You can even change the key and the chords will be updated automatically!  This is great if you want to capo something up!  All files can be saved and printed off as PDFs.

...Import chord sheets and lyrics directly from CCLI's SongSelect
If you have SongSelect as part of your CCLI membership you can import the lyrics and chord sheet (in any key) for most songs from within PCO.

...Share your music library with your worship team
You can grant each member of your worship team access to your churches library of music, eliminating the need to mass produce hardcopies for each member of your team.

...Link media examples to each song
You can link youtube and itunes/amazon previews to any song in your library.

...Plan your weekly services
Yes, PCO will generate your weekly orderly services but this is just the beginning...  You can attach notes, files, and media to every line item in your order of service.  It gets better... When you select a song from your library to add into your service it automatically adds the chord sheet as well.  When you're done planning your server you can make a songbook (a single pdf) for the service which contains the order of service and all of your chord sheets.

....Use your ipad as a digital music stand
No more paper...  No more printing...  No more binders...  For only 2 bucks a month you can enable the Music Stand app.  This allows you to use your ipad (or laptop) as a digital music stand. Simply load your order of service and all the associated files will be called up into a single document that you can "flip" through.

...View and plain multiple services in one screenshot
You can view multiple services in a single screen shot using the Matrix feature.  This feature comes in super useful if you plan multiple services in advance.  I typically plan a sermon series at a time. As soon as I get the series info from my pastor I plug all that info into planning center and start planning.

..Keep track of your personnel
With PCO you can keep a roster of your worship team personnel.  You can assign positions, maintain contacting info, and even send messages to your team.

...Schedule your personnel
You can assign your personnel (musicians and techs) to particular services.  You can then set PCO to send out automated email reminders to each member as their scheduled week approches.  The email prompts the person to confirm their participation by simply clicking on one of two options: "decline" or "accept"  This is probably one of my favorite features because I don't have to make calls every week reminding people to show up.

...Generate reports
You can generate song reports for any period of time you choose.  Simply set the start date and the end date and you will be given a report of what dates you played what songs. This feature makes the dreaded CCLI reporting a whole lot less daunting. You can also print off a similar report for your personnel.

...Do a whole lot more!
I have barely scratched the surface... PCO can do all of this and a whole lot more! Check it out for yourself at planningcenteronline.com

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