So, I just posted a new song "Thank You",at, and it comes at a good time of the year, as we are approaching one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!
It's so easy for us to just look past all the things that most people in 3rd world countries will never get to experience in life. As I'm typing on the computer, I'm reminded that there are millions of homeless kids and orphans with no homes, people who will be lucky just to eat some food today, much less learn what "the internet" is.
My eyes have really been opened over the past months to the need in our world, and I am very excited to be going to Guatemala this January to do just a small part of what I believe is all of our mission - To Help those who cannot Help themselves.
I urge you over the holidays to not be so self minded, and to think of others. There are plenty of people in our own country that will never enjoy a cup of hot chocolate near a lit fire this Christmas season. Sometimes we look on things in our house, and see it as "no good anymore", maybe a TV that isn't HD, or a couch that has a few nicks and scratches on it. This has got to change, my friends, if we are to truly let God be God, we have to quit giving our hearts to earthly possessions. Find someone who will cherish the things that we take for granted. If you have an extra TV sitting in storage, give it away. If you have a pair of shoes that you don't wear anymore, give them away. Someone will be happy with the things that we now don't find joy in.
So keep in mind as we enter this special time of year-there are children living on dirt roads in Africa, there are orphans who will not eat today in Haiti, and there are natives in hundreds of villages who will never know (or care, for that matter) what the internet is.
We are so blessed, and we need to start living like it, and thanking God for all He allows us to enjoy.
Much love,

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