We always say we want our worship to be modeled after Zion. That's why we, as Pentecostals, raise our hands to God, and dance and sing and use a lot of instruments. That's how they worshiped at Zion. King David understood the kind of worship God desired. It wasn't chaotic. They planned the celebration to be joyful and loud. It was out of love and reverence and obedience to God that they worshiped Him that way.

The Bible tells us that the musicians and singers in the church of Zion were more than just artists. They were prophets. They prayed for anointing. They prayed for the right songs to sing. They prayed for wisdom and for a word from God and then they proclaimed it in song.

When you sing or play an instrument pray that God will use you propheticly. Not that you speak a message but that God is able to move through the music you are performing. He can move because you are being sensitive to Him and performing to the best of your talent to bring glory to Him. Be in unity with your pastor and the worship leader. Seek the face of God with them. May God bless your ministry.

Musicians the Lord used as prophets

Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthum 1 Chronicles 25:1

David Acts 2:30

Isaiah Isaiah 26 and 27

Miriam Exodus 15:1, 20-21

Samuel 1 Samuel 10:5

Habakkuk Habakkuk 3:17-19

Debra Judges 4:4, chapter 5

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