Here is something I observed at our church's missionary/pastors retreat this week:

God: LOVES people. Satan: HATES people.

At the retreat I met a lady who lives in the Ukraine, is a single mom, stands at the door of abortion clinics as numerous young women are lined up to go in. This lady shares the love of Christ with them and pleads with them not to go thru with the procedure. SO many abortions happen there, that the doctors sometimes don't have time to change instruments.

Another lady I met is a missionary in Cambodia. She among other things, visits brothels and pays for time with the girls, basically "buys" them for a couple hours, and shows them the Jesus film and shares the love of Christ. These girls are very young, and some sold into prostitution slavery.

One pastor and wife shared, they serve in Juarez Mexico and are watching the current daily killings by the drug trade and also gangs, where people are shot in restaurants, dragged out of their homes, beheaded, dismembered... and this couple brave their lives and continue to share Christ.

Another pastor in China ministers to Herroin addicts and Gambling addicts. People get saved, come to church, but still owe the loan sharks... you get the rest of the picture.

A couple missionaries who shared had recently had their own daughters molested by locals - one in Costa Rica, another the Phillippines...

In the book of James, it says he who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin. Context is regarding doing good works. I sat at the retreat and pondered my cushy life here in San Diego, serving with my hubby at our cute country church. I asked God what worth is my service, compared with these other servants? I drag my beautiful guitar around with boxes of my CD's, share songs at other cushy churches, and return to my beautiful home. I felt kinda like a baby still in diapers, compared with the missionaries and pastors I met.

But, God showed me: I lead people in worshipping the God who LOVES PEOPLE. My job here is as worthy as their jobs there.

It was profound attitude change for me. Worship leading is not about songs, pretty guitars, great music style... it is about focusing the congregation on worshipping God. The God who rescues addicts, saves babies, heals hearts. With remembrance of my friends I met who are serving in other countries, I will continue to serve here in cushy america, and focus people hearts on worshipping God.


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Comment by Wayne Pau on September 24, 2009 at 8:32pm
Wow... your guitars must be really pretty and beautiful. j/k ;)

Great blog. I know I have felt small, including one time being on short-term (relatively almost 3 weeks long) missions trip in Turkey and thinking I did this for a bit, but these people do it day-in-day out, 365 days a year. It's like the whole chicken & pig at breakfast. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed!

But thank-you for reminding me, that even on this side of the world we're doing God's will. =) We each have our own calling.


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