The Fall of Babylon /Revelation 18

The Fall of Babylon /Revelation 18

There are many speculative scenarios of how Babylon will fall. Taking the current direction of capitalist societies to connect all the dots to create a global one world economy and its recent near collapse, I think one such scenario is that it implodes from within! Add to this, the recklessness of free market capitalism and the events since 911 and it’s easy to see how we are on a fast track to making this scenario a reality.

If politicians who favor tax breaks to the rich continue to allow them to conduct business unregulated, and terrorist keep exploiting the weaknesses of our trade routes, it’s easy to see how these will contribute to the coming fall of Babylon. We know from recent events what unregulated capitalism can do and every time a terrorist puts a bomb in his shoes, underwear or printer it costs billions as we rush to close the loophole. These attacks play on our fears, the images of 911 are replayed in our minds and our societies and freedoms are altered forever. What we’re seeing is that those terrorist don’t have to successfully bring down a plane or building to contribute to the fall of Babylon! It will fall never to rise again Revelation 18 says so! We may be witnessing the beginning s of its approaching end.

*Babylon is a metaphor together with Egypt and world for the fallen kingdom and state of man ruled by Satan.

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