Imagine. Crystal clear color with the sheen of every shade you know and the ones you don’t know. Darkness, a dim bluish purple haze misting through the twilight like atmosphere of the heavens. A voice commanding light, a low and rumbling sound issued forth from the voice of Eternity. The resounding explosion of the One who knows what He is creating and clearly sees through the beginning to the everlasting end. Joy. Pure joy igniting from the corners of His universe and sending shafts of mercy and grace though the depths of time. Dancing, spinning, encircling, encompassing and permeating as His eyes consider beyond time and look into the great expanse and see the Day when fountains of Life flow freely into the streets of the earth, filled with passion and acceptance of a beautifully arrayed Bride whose shining hope filled eyes glisten with the knowledge that He has come and sought her out and rescued Her from despair. As He gazes with longing into her eyes she returns His gaze with undeniable and all consuming obsession, for she understands and knows the zeal with which He has pursued her. He turns His wonderful eyes away with sadness born from that which he has set Himself towards and turns to the Ancient of Days with full understanding and humbly bows His head, submissive to the will of His Father. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was made flesh and we saw Him with our own eyes and we touched Him with our own hands and He is Jesus Christ, the Word of Life sent from the Father and it is He who is Eternal Life.


Distant shadows fleetingly cross the majestic mountains capped with recent snowfall as white billowy clouds soar above the morning’s dawn of the new creation. Deep blue lakes capture the reflection in the cold but clear water as the surface is disturbed by the joy of fish leaping to the bright expanse above, sending droplets of shimmering water and catching the bright sun as it returns into the liquid pool. The air is clear and pure and has the distinct aroma of fresh and wholesome health bringing with it the warm breeze of the day. Across the lake in the deep lush lawn of the bank walk a family of deer moving slowly without fear toward the water to deeply drink of the life it offers. Birds soar above, gliding effortlessly through the air, watching the movement on the face of the planet, elated in the freedom to fly about the heavens with the only sound being rushing air swiftly retreating behind.

It is the morning of seventh day since the Lord created the heavens and the earth and a festive mood of expectancy and delight fills Heaven. With wonder the angels have watched the last six days in total amazement crowding around Him with questions and discuss the strange creatures and the beauty of the earth and sky. The deep stirring within, from the quiet and peaceful Day, causes a song sung in hushed tones to be heard swirling through the gates and into the streets, making it’s way heard up to the towers and above and around the Throne. It rises in waves like the ocean swell, blessing the Day in which He rests, gently flowing over Him as He smiles in hidden knowledge of another Day not too far off when all is summed up and completed in One, like the Son of Man, who is standing beside the Father.

Adam opens his eyes as the distant memory of music in his dreams fade away to the new day. He still wonders what is happening all around him but the confident voice of his Creator continues to speak to his heart as he breathes deeply of the fragrant earth and listens to the sounds of this waking creation. He glances at Eve, still sleeping in the early dawn, and waits in anticipation for her to stir so they can continue the discovery of this beautiful garden in which they live. The trees are laden with fruit and taste like explosions of sweetness and goodness. Bees are flying about taking of the nectar in their task of making the hives full of honeycomb. The sun begins it upward journey in the sky and gently warms the garden where they lie as Eve awakens.

The tree tops above lightly sway in the light current of air, whispering sounds of pleasure while below two of His most loved creation walk hand in hand through the woven mat of the forest floor. They stroll in awe of the magnitude of His glory reflected in everything they see. Heads close together they speak in soft voices pointing out the things seen and smelt completely amazed at the exquisiteness of the garden in which they live. They explore hidden paths leading to quiet pastures and meadows filled with sounds of all manner of creatures. Timid at first, the animals slowly make their way toward the young couple. Adam calls each by a name of his own choosing while Eve tenderly caresses them and leads them to the stream in the glade. As the morning wears on toward midday they come to the trees laden with fruit to eat with gratitude the gifts He has poured out upon them. Sitting under a tree while the animals graze nearby or water at the stream they stretch out and doze in the afternoon sun, completely at ease and cared for by the Gardner whose love and desire formed them in His own image.

The angels softly float to the glade watching the two humans drowsing on the grass and see His likeness in their face and are filled with love for these two, which will endure for an eternity. Though there is nothing to harm the two children of God, they unsurprisingly take up their positions, surrounding and guarding the sleeping forms whispering words of encouragement as if they knew that the office of guardian was theirs.


A soft stirring in the breeze brings heavenly peace upon the Garden. Barely bending a blade of grass, the Holy One walks in the midst of the fragrant flowers. The sensation of all creation is one of adulation and honor, of bliss so that even the rocks and trees rejoice at His nearness. An expectant stillness settles throughout the land and permeates every living thing in awe of this Creator but with a familiarity He Himself brings, causes shyness to flee away. Within each is a boundless surge of energy waiting as if at the beginning of a race only for His command to come and greet and hold and to kiss Him. The excitement begins to mount, trees shimmer as the leaves dance and the branches bend before Him. The lake and streams sparkle with light; the sun shines as the air blows about a refreshing breeze in the cool of the day. He caresses with His open hands and arms the animals that brush up against His legs and waist, smiling into the eyes of the creatures that gaze back into His eyes and speaking volumes of love to the Master. His eyes search for His beloved, aware of all around Him, His desire is to see and talk with Adam and with Eve. Finally the couple rouses, drawn by an overwhelming call from the depths to the depths, increasing in passion with an almost painful desire to see and touch the Lord of Lords. For a moment Adam senses a time distant and a linen curtain veils his eyes so that while he can yet see, a blurriness or film is between him and Him who is seeking. In that brief moment a feeling like he has never felt before presses into his stomach but before he can identify what it is he looks into the eyes of God and the veil is torn away. The deep piercing eyes, filled with knowledge and wisdom, draw him into the mystery of unity and beckon him to come and see. The Lord, knowing exactly that which Adam felt, breaths deeply of the air in the world that He created and glances farther ahead with clarity, to a sea of glass and the distant sound of rejoicing. “Come away with Me, run through the hills and the pleasant valleys and I will give to you water and bread and life will course through your bones” He asks of them both within His heart. Being Wisdom and knowing both good and evil, and complete in Himself but desiring fellowship, He breathes the gift of choice into His loved ones as they innocently stand before Him. He knows the heart of Adam and declares that because they have loved Him, therefore, He will deliver them.

The three walked together with the Father in the center, speaking of all the many delights within the Garden. He shares His heart of all He has made in the heavens and on the earth, teaching of who He is as He speaks simply and directly about Himself. The wonder of it all causes Adam to ask questions and begin to understand His creator and friend as to why he was created and why Eve was created and the fellowship blossomed and became the most desired part of each day. During this discovery only one command was laid upon Adam and Eve in which they readily agreed to abide by and easily decided to obey the Father because they were beginning to know Him and love Him and trust was simply there.


Disobedience, breaking of rules, waywardness. Darkness, gloom, obscurity, without light, without hope. A worm crawls relentlessly toward the young girl, with evil intent and glaring with full malice and cruel thought, bent on destruction it connives against her. In the far reaches of time, before the earth was formed, the seeds of rebellion sprang up from the pit of absolute wickedness. Lucifer, perfectly formed by the Ancient of Days, given power and authority, principal Being to bring flawlessness to the worship which was given to the Father. A day came when those seeds came to fruition and he said in his heart, “I will be like the Most High”. Cast from his lofty position he takes, like the thief he is, those who betray and are betrayed. With twisted words, which entangle and ensnare, he utters vile announcements and predictions to his host and as one they reject Him who lives forever, the One who created the Heavens and this newly inhabited earth. The crustiness and filth of his once white robes envelop the bony arm which ends in a pointing finger of accusation. He imagines a vain thing, the wickedness that surrounds him now is directed towards the woman, hoping to ensnare her and thus frustrate the design of the Master and he looks towards a day where his hope is that he may change time and times. Proud, arrogant, ruthless is his drive to force all to worship him.

The swirling mists of incense encircle the Throne. Judgment is seated and reserved. In Him are hidden secrets that no created being could possibly fathom. Grace, even now, is poured out. Peace rules and reigns in the Heavens. Music breaks forth rolling across time and space. Shouts of deliverance are heard throughout the radiance. A command has gone forth like thunder, shaking the very foundations of the new earth. Fear creeps stealthily into the heart of the worm for he knows; he knows that there has been a place reserved for him and his legions, a place of trembling and gnashing of the teeth, where hope and mercy are lost.

Hath God said? Trickery, blatant deception but smooth; subtle beyond words and filled with malice. The ease of a slightly bent truth whispered with a smile and intense hatred beckons to Eve. The beat of her heart slows with reflection as the lie permeates her soul. Adam, standing nearby, feels the powerful desire and he too succumbs to the lust of his flesh.


The deep felt cry from the depths of His being resonates through the Garden. “Where are you”? Wreathed in holiness and purity He walks alone searching for His most prized possession. The passion stirs quickly in His heart as He sees all that was and all that will be and in His prescience has provided Himself a Lamb. The eyes that sparkled while the heavens and the earth were formed by His hands are wise and full of knowledge. He breaths in the aroma of all creation as His heart begins to beat rapidly thinking of the Day when He gazes into the eyes of a Bride made up of many people, many tribes, many tongues and many nations. As he walks through the Garden He thinks of another garden He will soon walk and says, “ If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me”.


I will sing my song to Thee oh God, for You have heard my cry and You delivered me. Out of the depths of my soul I cried to Thee and you rescued me, therefore in You will I put my trust. All my springs of joy are found in You, therefore I walk in a fragrant place within the Garden of Your Love. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful mantle of peace wrapped in the pleasure of Your tenderness.

“Because he has loved Me, therefore I shall deliver him”. 2009

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