So many times we are fighting a lot amongst ourselves what is the best genre or music loops to use for our denominations some call it worship wars. Today let’s look at our own inner and individual worship wars. The heart, the mouth and the worship

The heart

It’s difficult to say which is the best body part or organ but the heart takes the crown for me, it does unimaginable job. But the heart is the core of everything, it’s the core of Christianity and it’s the core of our worship.

The mouth

Of all body parts the mouth is one of the most amazing body parts that we have been given. Like James says “James 3:10 Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be”.


The mouth is the last first part of the creative process and God spoke the word and it was, our mouth declare what has and is to be.



What does this have to do with Worship?


Someone once said Worship is reminding God who says He says in his word.


The heart has feelings, emotions and desires, the mouth just declares whatever the heart yearns.


So if the mouth declares whatsoever the heart is feeling or desires. I have one thing about all this, Luke 6:45… “for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks”. Think about it, does our worship come from the abundance of the heart or it’s just a mix match of Christianize or that part of being a worshipper that just knows how to speak the right words.


 Is the worship expressed by our mouth a true reflection of how our heart feels?


It’s easy to point finger but as an individual does your worship come from that place of just utter gratitude and love. If worship is not lip service which means worship isn’t just spoken its lived. Our hearts live the worship and our mouth expresses that worship. 


The important part is the worship that springs or that wells from within our hearts expressed in and through our lives.


May the meditations of our hearts and words of our mouth glorify you always



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