The Importance of Praise and Worship

The Importance of Praise and Worship

By Dionne Spence

In the Life of the Believer
 Signifies relationship with God
 Brings walls/giants down
 Renew God’s favor in our lives
 Is warfare against the enemy
 Is pleasing to God
 Is a command from the Lord
 Is where we experience the Presence of the God
 Is vital for spiritual health

In a Place of Worship/ Church Service
 Sets the atmosphere for God to move
 Releases the Glory of God
 Puts the people on one accord
 Makes the enemy flee
 Helps the people to focus on God alone
 Is a sacrifice unto God
 Sets the tone for healing & deliverance (miracles)

How to Praise
 sing
 dance
 shout / cry out
 jump/ leap
 lift hands
 bow
 run
 clap
 spin or twirl
 play instruments
 worship in giving
 with a heart of thanksgiving
 recounting (remembering) what God has done in your life
 With reverence to Him as God, King, Ruler, Powerful, etc.
 with sincerity and pure motives
 in spirit and truth (not the flesh)
 regardless of circumstance and emotional state
 out of obedience
 Calling out His names, characteristics, traits, etc.
 with understanding (studied or from personal experience)
 intentionally (on purpose and with purpose)
How to Worship
 kneel or bow down
 place God 1st in your heart and mind
 speak sweet words of love and appreciation to Him
 obey God’s word
 lay flat (prostrate)

When God is Pleased with our Praise and Worship
 Blessings are released
 Victory is made manifest
 The spirit of heaviness ins lifted
 Our inner (spirit) man is refreshed
 the atmosphere is ready for miracles
 Christ is revealed
 The Shekinah Glory of God fills the temple (earthly or fleshly)
 we have closer fellowship with God

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Comment by Donna R. Patrick on September 2, 2011 at 5:55pm
Amen!!  I think that about covers it!  Great post!


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