Jesus came for the single purpose of introducing the kingdom of heaven to the people of this fallen world we live in. His mission was like that of Melchizedec, of proclaiming the Most High God to the people of faith who would accept and believe in him. God chose the Jewish people to be the ones to give birth to the Son of God, the savior and hope of all mankind. He fulfilled all the Hebrew prophecies about the messiah, for he would be a descendant of King David, a son of Abraham, concieved in a virgin by the Holy Spirit, to be born in Bethlehem of Judea.

Abraham was the father of all people of faith, because he was uncircumcised and yet he believed in the promises of God and was considered righteous and blessed above all men. The Jews expected the messiah to sit on the throne of David and to help the nation of Isreal replace Rome as rulers of the civilized world. Jesus had a completely different mission to accomplish. Many of the prophets of the Old Testament proclaimed that the messiah would come to bless all nations, tongues and tribes and that was exactly what Jesus came to do. His message was simple and for all people.

1. All power and control of all things rested in the Father in heaven, who is our King. Jesus only did what the Father was doing and what the Father told him to do. Jesus revealed to us that our Heavenly Father loves his children in a way that far surpasses our earthly love for our own children. He taught us that God is quick to forgive and forget the sins and trespasses of his children when they repent and change from their wicked and selfish ways.

2. The perfect and clearest representation of our Heavenly Father is the person of Jesus Christ. He was born and raised just like every person in this world, and yet he lived an exemplary life of peace, truth, love, compassion, service, humility, patience and purity. He lived without sin in his thoughts or his actions. He went about doing good wherever he went and to everyone he came across. He gave of himself without asking for anything in return. Through him God healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, delivered those in bondage, set the captives free and caste out demons of every kind from young and old alike. Jesus was, without a doubt, the Son of God.

3. Jesus declared that all people are sons and daughters of God. He asked us to come out of the world and be saved and to allow ourselves to be delivered from our sins and to be born again into the kingdom of heaven. He often had to remind us that the kingdom of heaven was not of this world. He taught us that the price of entering this kingdom was to accept the Father as our King, who is represented here on earth by his son, Jesus. We enter God's heavenly kingdom by faith, believing the promise that we are heirs with Jesus in God's heavenly family. There is nothing we can do to earn this sonship because it is a free gift from the Father in heaven, and it's available to every person no matter what kind of sin they've committed in their past.

4. To prove that we have come out of this world, we are expected to love one and other as Jesus loved us. We are to continually bear the fruit of the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is the seal of our sonship with God. The fruits of the Spirit are love, patience, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy, righteousness, sacrifice and service. We will put others before ourselves and give whatever is required, expecting nothing in return. We will submit to the council, guidance, teaching and direction of the Holy Spirit in all things, by praying and seeking the will of God before making all decisions and making every choice. We are ambassadors from God's kingdom, so we are in this world, but not of it. When people see good in us as we minister to others, they are truly seeing the Jesus in us.

5. The work of building God's kingdom of heaven falls upon each of us, the followers of Jesus Christ. We are to be about his business, giving him all the glory, honor and praise for everything good that comes of our efforts. We don't accomplish the signs and wonders, the supernatural occurances that happen in our ministry, but it is all because God is able to use us and work thru us. We must diminish so that he increases in our thinking and actions. We can never lean on our own strengths and understanding, or allow our pride to trick us into thinking it's about us in any way. God, thru the person of Jesus Christ and his sons and daughters, and the efforts of the Holy Spirit, which lives inside of every born-again believer, accomplish all things. God has placed within each of us certain gifts, talents, skills, personalities and abilities that allow us to better serve him and each other. The worst thing we can do is to use them to serve ourselves and to try and build our own kingdom.

So our faith is the key that unlocks the mystery of how God, the creator of all things, can come down from heaven in the form of a man in order to save the world. Jesus Christ is that God-man who set in motion the work that continues to this day of saving each and every person in this world by ushering them into the kingdom of heaven. The Holy Spirit is the free gift to each of us from our Father in heaven, and it helps us to know what our Heavenly Father wants us to do for him. Jesus said that " greater thing shall you do than even I have done .... ", so obviously he expects great things from each of his followers. It's up to each of us to have faith and trust in God and to believe that he knows what he's doing and that our job is to follow his lead. He wants to have a close and personal relationship with each of us, so our prayers and dreams and the desires of our hearts matter to him. They may not work out the way you thought they were going to, but I promise you that by following God's will you'll soon discover that you get so much more than you could have ever hoped for or dreamed of. It's all about helping others and not yourself.

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Comment by Ruth Njuguna on June 19, 2009 at 12:56pm
Hey, this incredible and a good message. i needed to here this. God bless you bruh and keep them coming. shalom!!


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