I'm pretty new to this site, but I thought I'd share one of the songs I wrote several months ago.

It's a song relating to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The song itself is pretty self explanatory, but as you read the lyrics, it really explains how Christ came down to free the blind sinners (us), when He had EVERYTHING in the Kingdom of Heaven. He came down to us, sent by the Father, the love that gave. Christ came down, shed His blood on the cross on the hill of Calvary.

There are a lot of songs that have been written that really deal with our confession of faith to God. I don't think that there are enough songs written about God. So I decided to write this song that kind of has both concepts. It's a story about Christ and it's a confession to God that we will believe in Him.

So here are the lyrics. I will be uploading the recording (amateur home computer mic recording) of this song as well.

The Love That Gave
© Freddy Ahn

Leaving everything behind,

Christ came down to free the blind

Sent by the Father above,

To give us a Love that gave

You broke the chains to set us free

You shed Your blood on Calvary

Because of Your love for the lost

You were crucified on that cross

This is the Love that gave

The Father’s one and only Son

In whom the victory is won

As Your children, we’ll believe

God, You are the Love that gave

God Bless :)
- Freddy Ahn

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