Lost In The Crowd?

Most believers and church attendees are quick to assert that Jesus is the center of their lives especially during worship.

Nobody can command their focus and attention 100% of the time but we all need to take an honest assessment of what we’re distracted by because the underlying reasons result in dismemberment, separation of one part of the body from another.

1. what people are wearing
2. how they choose to worship (as opposed to WHO)
3. that song…
4. that message…
5. the lighting…
6. the time…
7. that child…
8. that person…

The Lord

How quickly will all of the things that interfere with worshipping God in spirit and in truth melt away at His coming?

Why let them cloud ‘faith’s perception’ of The Lord’s Glory now?

Hearts and minds that are fully committed to The Lord can be moved by The Holy Spirit regardless of how poorly the music is played, the message delivered or any other human distraction we can think of.

The Street Preacher

I love crossing paths with street preachers especially in the NY City subway systems.
• It smells bad
• It’s noisy
• Most people aren’t paying attention
• And God is present

Not only do I want to stand and listen, I want to pull a piano out of my back pocket and provide some musical accompaniment. Why? Because Jesus is in that place.

The next time you find yourself fidgeting because the room is too hot or too cold or the message has exceeded YOUR required time frame… imagine worshipping in a cave with a Bible disguised as something else to avoid a prison sentence. Then focus on The Lord and enjoy the celebration.

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Comment by Lorraine Doswell on October 2, 2010 at 5:34pm
Hi David,

How right you are. I have to tell you, it makes me feel ashamed of myself, because I can be as guilty of this as the next man. Seriously, I am going to try harder at church tomorrow. Thank you for posting.

God Bless. Lorraine

God Bless.


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