The Place of the Word of God in Worship

God uses his word within us to speak to us, God always builds on his word. The more the word of God you have in you, the more God speaks to you.  As you read and know the word, God builds you on the inside and speaks to you more and in the process this changes your personal walk with Him revolutionizing your worship. I have seen worship leaders who look like nothing on the exterior or those that don’t meet the profile and not vocally talented but when they sing heavens open for them. Why?


"The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple”.  Psalms 119:130. If we can live in a place where our worship is based on his word then we walk and lead people in the light because the word of God leads and guides us. His word brings understanding to us and as worship leaders we have access to understanding because we know his word, “to know his word is to know Him”.


It’s not just about singing songs or leading people it’s about creating an experience for the audience to experience his presence. If God is the word, then we should worship Him based on what He says He is. Someone once said that worship is our opportunity to remind God of what He says He is and allowing Him to respond to that word.


Worship leaders you don’t have to have a perfect pitched voice with the high ranges and an awestruck tune and melody but you need learn to pull on the heavens by his word, declaring and reminding Him of His word because God responds to His word more than anything.


It’s when we worship Him for who is He is that he descends upon the place.  The most powerful worship times are when we worship God through and by his word. The most powerful songs on earth are just simply songs taken from scripture.


Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth”.  John 17:17. Jesus was asking the Father “Set them apart through thy word for the word is truth”. Think about it, the word of God makes us Holy; the word of God makes us clean and pure. Our offering becomes pure because it comes from a sanctified place which is acceptable.


Heaven responds to the calling and adoration of men, when worship comes from the depth, heaven responds with depth. When worship is based upon the word then heaven responds with revelation. As a worship leader if you desire to move form okay worship to a different level of worship in life, have the word of God in you and in your heart. 


“Leading People Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness”

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