This is something that we often hear about and spoken by musicians,and those also identifying the fullness of their calling where by some will be musicians that are excelent in the gift, but very few have the ability or annointing in leading worship in a dimension that is much more than playing songs,and leading in worship.In the 20 years of my involvement in the church and the ministry of worship and music as a form of worship i have often played and folloed the worship leader in the songs, but the HOLY SPIRIT wants us to be so much more in HIS presence than just doing what we all do from Sunday to Sunday as part of our celebration.What i mean by this is that when we meet on Sunday or what ever other day we may meet it is celebrating and giving praise in song or testimonys of the goodness of the LORD be it trials or maybe blessings, as we know we praise HIM in all circumstances be it in good times or difficult times.I as a drummer while in worship have often felt the HOLY SPIRIT just wanting all of our attention,where by i start soloing on cymbals and drums and have seen the manifistation of the worship resounding to a level of high praises, but often the leader will watch the time and follow through with the program, i for some time time now have seen that HIS presence is becoming more tangible,maybe because people are becoming desperate to touch the hem of HIS garment,so my question is do any of the members have the same experieces, as well as understanding prophetic dreams that the LORD is giving so many people,i had a dream not so long ago,whereby a trumpet wrapped in purple cloth fell down a cliff , and just before it fell over the the SPIRIT said to me pick it up and BLOW,I could not understand this and when i shared it some people were ,''like what is this guy saying'' I believe we should share these dreams, and experiences as to have confirmation from others as well as encouragement in regards to this.Please reply and share your view on the OUT of the ordinary times of worship ,and the same expectant routine of playing the songs and just going through motions,surely the HOLY SPIRIT is manifest as the LORD in habits the praises of HIS people - BLESSINGS LUIS

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Comment by Michael Cornett on June 16, 2009 at 4:04am
The ritual must end and we must be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is leading us into when we worship. This routine of church is keeping the move of God out of our midst. We must leave our comfort zones and step out into the prophetic unknown to really experience the presence of God in the moment.


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