I've been hearing a lot about the story behind the song How He Love's Us so I decided to check it out tonight. It shattered my heart...

The silence of God can be so unbearably painful at times. In such quite moments we are tempted to doubt and we are tempted to despair. We scream at the heavens begging for a word from God only to hear our feeble words and broken hearts fall around us in tears and sobbing. Why does God choose to be silent at times? I don't know. I could offer you many trite explanations veneered with Christian sentiment but instead I will defer to the mystery of God. His ways are His ways and His thoughts are His thoughts. But this one thing I can say... While God may at times be silent He is never absent and He so desperately LOVES US! Whenever the silence abounds and I am tempted to despair, I look to the cross and the passion of Jesus Christ for His glory and my soul. That usually puts things into perspective. : )

If you are struggling with the silence of God today, I encourage you to listen to this story. It was profoundly encouraging to me.

Grace & Peace


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