It’s not the way of the world


2 Chronicles 13:11 we meet an angry King David blaming God that he was trying to bring glory to God by bringing the ark back into Jerusalem something that King Saul did not do. In the process of the Ark being brought, God broke out, smote and killed Uzzah because he took ahold of the Ark as it was stumbling and stopping it from falling.


Was it Uzzah’s fault that he got killed? surely with all your intelligence if you see something falling what would you do? If you knew that the hopes of the whole country falling and crashing before you, what would you do? human senses will tell you “do something”. Then why did God break out on Uzzah.


David went back into the scriptures and learnt that it only the duty of Levites to the carry the Ark of the Lord anywhere and he wasn’t supposed to use ordinary men or man from any other tribe to carry the ark of the Lord into Israel. He also learnt that it was a Philistine system (worldly system) of carrying their gods on ox drawn carts moving them from one place to the other, He learnt that he had used a worldly system to deliver God’s glory and it didn’t work out.


The ark was meant to be carried in anything or drawn by any animals, it had long poles on either sides which means it was meant to be carried by pole bearing Levites just like how it was carried by Israel as they crossed the Red Sea. That is why God broke on Uzzah because he wasn’t a Levite and the fact that the system from the start was a wrong method.


 We see a lot of lessons in this Chronicles of David’s journeys, one the greatest things that stand out, David inquired of the Lord. How many of us do actually inquire of the Lord for a Sunday song list, style of our worship and how many of us inquire who God is and how heaven worship so that we may understand what fuels the worship of heaven?


Another thing is that David searched the scriptures to see how the Ark was once handled before. Question is how many of us take time to study the worship that we see all over the bible. How many of us worshippers, singer, musicians, sound people, pastors and every Christian do take time to learn what worship is all about. Rather than allowing the music of the world change and dictate the worship we give.

We have allowed the way and the music of the world to shape and guide the worship we give in our lives, even us worship leader, musicians and singers lets us learn the sound of heaven and let us worship in that manner so that heaven can join in. Ever asked yourself the question why the 24 elders and all heavenly angles for millenniums of years still sing one song before God “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty”



There is something that they are doing that causing them to never get bored before God. Let take our time and learn the worship of heaven not the worship of the philistines (world) lets God breaks out on our lives just like Uzzah. It’s not the way of the world it’s the worship that breaks out that comes from the heavens which when we know how to produce we bring heaven on earth in our worship.

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Comment by Stevo on January 20, 2012 at 10:49pm

And the sound of heaven comes from what?


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