This past weekend Celebrate Recovery and Victory Sunday morning

Hi everyone, I'm Rev. Matt from Johnstown. I was blessed to have had the priviledge-actually to have been asked to lead worship-for Celebrate Recovery on Friday. I had originally chosen a song list from writers from the UK-England but then I had to reconsider the fact that if anyone knew any of these songs...I'd be very lucky! Otherwise the songs would be irrelevant even as relevant songs. Rule of thumb: introduce one at a time.

When I got up to sing, I had to and did remember one important thing, no matter what, the show goes on. The first song I sang, Sing a Song by Third Day, was fine; a little shakyness on the rest of the list but I regrouped, no problem.

On Sunday at Victory Christian Assembly, we did Here I Am to Worship. A lot of people who play worship guitar should know this, so for me this was no problem even using Isreal Houghton's arrangment-I only had to skip that one gospel/augmented chord in the entire song so changewise there was nothing to really worry about other than the fact that I had to sing harmony because none of the tenors were there-but then again I wasn't really worrying about that either!

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