If you are alive and reading this blog you are a worshiper. Now I did not say you had to go to church or be a religious person, but you were made to worship and something or someone is the center of your worship. I believe that what you give your full and undivided attention to can become your object of worship. People worship their cars or their jobs or even people. But what is worship? And what should it look like and when we find out how should we respond?

Somebody said:

"We are all worshippers by nature, built that way by God and for God, but what remains to be seen is to whom or to what we will give our worship." This is true if we look at scripture that says in Eccles 3:11 "He has put eternity in the hearts of men". God has placed this desire in us for eternity, as people would say "the God shaped whole that only He (God) can fill.

What is worship? Mark Driscoll Pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle says "Simply stated, worship is the people of God's response to God's revelation of His everlasting glory".

I love that, we respond to God through the revelation of His amazing grace and awesome glory. When we begin to fully know God we begin to worship Him in full spirit and truth. So many times I sense people taking on a gig or performance mentality that is invading this sacred practice of worship in our services. I love this quote also by Mark Driscoll Pastor of Mars Hill Church Seattle "The Word reveals God's glory, and once confronted with God's glory, we are compelled by the love of Jesus to respond, or Worship"

So how can we become better worshipers? By knowing God as He has revealed Himself through His Word. The more we know of His word I believe the better worshipper we will become. We know that it has to be more than head knowledge, let's face it the most orthodox biblically literate people helped nail our Lord to the cross. So apart from the revealed word we also need a personal relationship with God. "If you love me Jesus said (John 14:15) then obey my commandments". I will be speaking on worship and the text 2 Chronicles 20:1-22. Where King Jehoshaphat is surrounded by three invading armies and what is his response. He reminds the people of the God we serve and His attributes. After this He appoints worshipers to go forth and worship Him in front of the army and in front of the enemies to say "hey this is not even our battle it all belongs to God! As they began to worship it says God set ambushes V: 22 Wow, as a side benefit could it be the invasion of God in a space being challenged by the enemy.

Please leave your comments!

Blessings Garry

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