Throneroom Worship - not just a concept

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts, unedited and unfinished. I say unfinished because there is always more to add. A friend asked me why it was I thought that when we really press into the Lord during the music portion of a service I call it "throneroom worship". She'd never heard that term before. She came to our church one time and immediately fell into God's presence and was ignited. Currently she is attending a church that does not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and therefore does not flow in the gifts. The music/worship portion of their services consists of about 3 songs and despite the Holy Spirit's wanting to move, when the song is done, it's flat over. It was a startling realization for her knowing the difference in worship services. Something she'd never known before. And it is a freedom she has long desired since that day she came to our church. Anyway, here was my response...

,,, What I meant is that when our hearts are locked in with the Lord, and we've pressed into His presence, we are in His throneroom. It's worshipping for an audience of one - Jesus. Incidentally, worship is not a slow song. LOL. Anyway, Hebrews 4:16 says we are now able to come boldy before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and grace any time we need it. Interesting side note about grace. It is not just "God's unmerited favor", but really means "the ability to do what we cannot." So, not only do we need grace for every day living, but we also need His grace just to stand before Him. And when you come to Him in worship (in this case with singing, because as I'm sure you know, worship is more than just music), and lean into His presence and hear His heartbeat, you're in throneroom worship. It's just you and Him. No one else. And in that place, you have the freedom to dance and sing before your King, like David did before the Ark. He's looking for hearts who will abandon all fear of man (what is so-n-so going to think if I raise my hands? etc), all inhibition, all distractions, and just wholeheartedly, transparently enjoy His presence. That is pure delight to Him!! Sometimes, that's singing to Him, or about His goodness. Sometimes, that's just sitting back and "being" in His presence. Worship is, as the Word declares, our reasonble act when we present our bodies as a living sacrifice to Him. (Rom 12:1) In other words, we are to worship Him with our spirit, our soul and our body.

So when the worship leader abruptly stops that flow, it's almost like a jolt back to earth. You're left wondering what just happened and wanting so much more. Again, I believe you've personally tasted intimacy in musical worship and have been left desiring it more, and more often. Believe me, you are more than welcome to it. He's connecting with you on a deeper level, spirit to spirit! That's God's desire for all. That we would pant (as the deer does for water) for more of Him. Because when we get satiated with His Spirit, we find such a peace, joy, contentment, hunger, passion, etc., that can't be found elsewhere. In other words, our hearts burn for Him.

Many churches think that singing 3 songs is enough "to get you there". Or, 1 fast, 1 moderate, 1 slow. Now, God is not bound by formula. In fact, He's very clear about formula and ritual (pharisees). He does NOT like it. Why? Because they missed the heart of God. If the Spirit says, "go this way" and you're so intent on following a song list, is it really getting done what God wants to do? No. What if He wants to encourage the believers with His joy and you're trying to push an agenda about His grace? It's all good. It's all relevant to God, but it's not necessarily what God is speaking to the body at that moment. Now, song lists are fine, but a worship leader must give way to the Spirit. MUST! There's got to be a great sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in leading worship or you'll miss what God is saying and doing. Does this make sense? And just so we're clear, I mean "you" as in the "worship leader", not you personally. :)

I came from a "3 songs and you're done" church. I could personally never go back. (We thought we were doing good when we raised our hand to exalt the Lord on a particular line of a hymn. I love the hymns!!) A true, God-tuned worship leader hears what God is saying and proclaims it, drawing the congregation into His (God's) heart. That is actually what prophecy is. It's hearing and declaring what God is saying. Sometimes we just need to sing about His goodness. But to get to perceive God's heart for us in a particular moment and declare what He's saying is really, really wonderful. It's all goooood!!!

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Comment by Michael Cornett on December 8, 2008 at 2:38pm
It's such a blessing to see you revealing your intimate experiences in leading worship, and to understand what you're saying to the church everywhere about the importance of the " throneroom worship " experience. I've heard it called " soaking worship " by some people in California, but it's all the same. When we come into the presence of The Most High God, the person of Jesus Christ, we are high and lifted up so that we're seated in Him on the throne. He has called us to rule and reign with Him, but most of us are struggling around in our personal messes down here on earth, being pushed and shoved around by our circumstance and the prevailing winds blowing through our lives. The Lord has so much he wants to share with us if we will only take the time to come into His presence and sup with Him. His glory is healing, restoring, encouraging, loving, gentle, energizing, pure, holy and many other things that we so desperately need.
Thank you Alicia, for being so transparent and speaking your heart. You'll never know how encouraging it is to me to meet spirit-filled worshipper like you that are spreading the message of allowing God's Holy Spirit to direct our church services. The traditions and agendas of men are so inadequate and pitiful when compared to the plans that God has for us. Keep up the boldness you have and walk in the prophetic as much as you can. The world needs to experience people with that particular gift now more than ever before. When they can hear God speaking through people they know right now in the moment, it really builds up their faith and moves them on the path towards more of their own personal freedom in Christ. He came to set the captives free !!!!!
Comment by Minister Mary Lyles on December 20, 2008 at 12:32pm
Praise the Lord family of worshippers...I too can appreciate what you are sharing in reference to pressing into the Spirit. Worship leaders must be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit when leading worship. We never know what need is in the house of the Lord...but God always does. It is so vital that we listen to the voice of the Lord so that as we lift up the name of Jesus... those needs can be ministered to with a message of hope and assurance that no matter where a person may be in their walk of life...we serve a God that is stable and able to do all things...
Comment by Mou Rani Das on February 13, 2009 at 10:40pm
Its sounds very nice to hear the voice of Lord.Nice one.


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