How does a person remains humble especially in the music team?

As they say, No where in the church are egos bigger than in the music department. And that is why I feel the urge of blogging this one down.

A good mentor once told me, that there's a worship leader in a certain church that were once ask "What keeps you humble?" from there he answered right away "Well, during the days when I'm not on the stage leading, I was the one who's cleaning the church's restroom"

Go figure!

You see, right from the start the man already knew that its not about him being served by the limelight but its all about serving the one true master, Jesus. He followed Jesus and obey his words.. that's its not about just being on the stage.. but its all about serving Him anywhere and that includes cleaning the toilet bowl..

A heart of a worshiper doesn't have a limit after all, its not having all the lights focus on you when you're leading, its not about being on a big stage, and its neither about being popular and you not wanting to accept other jobs anymore and I've seen much of these examples happening on a church, and that includes me being a victim of my ego.

The true heart of a worshiper is wherein you know that serving doesn't have to be you being served (and accepting this hard truth), that there is no limit on serving God no matter what it takes. Its about passing on the baton, doesn't need to worry much on how big the stage is, and about who we are when we are not leading on the stage.

Servant-hood is the key, we are all serving only the Master, which is God. Serving without being hesitant whether it is the big church that we're serving or only the small church.

We should always remember that as we remain humble, the real master lifts us up on the pedestal, and not us exerting or boasting our efforts dragging ourselves on the pedestal.

Now I challenged you to reflect on these questions;

Am I only serving myself to the point that I only wanted to just perform on stage?
Did God called me to lead only in the big church and the big church alone?
Am I conscious about only leading worship alone?
Lastly, Am I willing to clean a toilet bowl?

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Comment by Diana Jurss on May 19, 2010 at 1:45am
Ha! I love that. Yeah, you sure don't have to audition or apply or be anointed to clean
the church bathroom!
Comment by John Paul Estrellado on May 19, 2010 at 4:42am
thanks for the comment :)


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