Today is the day that my husband is getting up in front of our congregation to tell them where God is commissioning us to go to next. I was hoping that I would be able to be with him to support him, but my beautiful little girl was up all night with a bad cold and has to stay home.

It has been very difficult to keep this news to ourselves for so long. Now that I know it's alright to talk about I am excited to finally be able to share from my heart what God has been doing.

Have you ever received a stirring in your heart and an unsettledness that wouldn't go away? Well Brian and I did. We prayed and asked God to show us where He wanted us to be. Where we could thrive and use everything He has given us for His glory and purposes. Well, all I have to say is be careful what you pray for because God will lead you on a journey that you might not expect to go on in answer to your prayer. He did this with us in a big way. It started in April of last year. Without going through every detail of the process God showed us where we were wrong in our thinking and grew us in those areas to be stronger followers for Him. It was NOT an easy road, but I would NEVER want to be the person I was a year ago. I am much more closer to God and at rest with His will.

He finally led us to a church in Pleasanton, CA. Centerpointe Pres. Church. We know we are suppose to go and be their worship pastors (I will not be copastoring with him BTW) lol. I will be his support. One of the coolest things though is that they have embraced me as a songwriter. They want to encourage me and give me opportunities to write for the church and minister to the community. I am stoked! And very honored.

We are totally stepping out in faith because to be honest we really didn't want to move back to California where we once lived. We liked it in the Northwest. Remember the prayer we prayed, 'God we want to be in the center of Your will. We want to do your work.' So it's not really about us it's about Him and what He is doing. And so graciously He has blessed us with a wonderful new place to go.

The hard part right now is saying goodbye to our friends and family. We are leaving one healthy church to another healthy church. We have asked ourselves many times 'why are we doing this?' There will be many tears. There have been. I don't know how our church will take the news, especially since things have been going great for the church spiritually. We are praying for God to cover this whole situation with peace so we can leave on good terms. I have the hope that we will.

Thank you for reading this and allowing me to share our news with you. Transition is ALWAYS hard. Being a pastors kid we moved on average every four years so I am really tired of this whole transition thing. I am sure many of you will relate that we are called to be God's servants. Wherever He leads us we must go because He is our boss. I know people in ministry feel this difference than maybe someone who can work a regular job. I don't know maybe I am wrong. All I know is that God's time table has always been different than mine. = )

God bless your ministries as you follow His leading in you lives. Lara~

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Comment by Bizzy Bender on January 18, 2009 at 7:14pm
Wow that is very exciting news!! I am sorry your baby is sick and sorry that you couldn't be at church today but you have got your priorities straight!
I am glad that your leaving doesn't affect cyber friendships!!
I will be praying for Hannah and you and your family as you make the move.
Comment by Dale on January 19, 2009 at 8:02pm
Us "regular job" people feel it just the same. Not to be contentious, but non-ministry-job folks are also His servants. It has been confirmed for me over and over that my employer is not my provider, the Lord of Hosts is my provider. It's much more tranquil when one gets "downsized" that God is still going to provide for our needs (and He did).

Congratulations on your role as church songwriter. I'd like to put that on my resume.
Comment by Lara Marriott on January 20, 2009 at 4:51am
Thank you Bizzy for your comment. I am also glad it doesn't effect our friendship = ) Hannah is doing much better thank you. God answered our prayers.

David, thank you for relating and understanding. To know there are other people who understand is so comforting. Thank you for your blessing friend. = )

Dale, I am so sorry for my comment. How naive. Sometimes it feels like a bubble being in ministry. Isn't it wonderful to witness the hand of God in the details of our lives. He is definitely all of our provider. I am glad to hear He came through for you in your time of need Dale. God bless you. It will be fun to write with other songwriters of this new church for worship and other events. Who knows what God will do with them, only He does. I'm looking forward to hearing your songs Dale. = )
Comment by Kara Lynn Becker on February 3, 2009 at 10:39pm
Lara, I am encouraged by your blog. We, too, are praying for where God would have us go and trying to be open to anywhere. Scary and exciting. When is the move?
Comment by Lara Marriott on February 4, 2009 at 10:45pm
Thank you Kara. Transition is so hard, but usually worth it. There is so much growth that can come from those times. My heart goes out to you. The move is to Pleasanton, CA. We should be there in a week or so. = )
Comment by Luis Cascalheira on February 6, 2009 at 9:20pm
Well reading your message on your page realy encourages me very much THOSE WHO ARE READY AND OBEDIENT TO THE CALL, HE will guide,and sustain we are in the same place preparing our clearences,and all paper work as to a call to CANADA,very differnent and very far from SA,But we are excited as it is no longer i that live but Christ in me,We cannot run from His calling you can do what you like ,their will never be rest,thats my belief anyway;and so yes their is a day that is here even now,THAT THE LORD WOULD CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF MANY OF HIS CHILDREN,FOR HIS GLORY.he is faithfull LARA.blessings Luis and Monica


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