Ok, so the word worship...what does it mean? It means to ascribe worth. It means to give glory and honor. We in this society give honor and glory to lots of different things. We ascribe worth to many more. You might say we pay tribute to them. Imagine if you offered the folks in your congregation all-access backstage pass to the Grammy's or the Emmy's or the Country Music awards...complete with a meet and greet and time in the green room...Those events are tribute events. Paying respect and giving honor and praise to the talented artists here on earth. Well, I suggest that we offer our congregations an opportunity to attend and take part in the greatest tribute event of all. The Worship of the King of the Universe. He is 'The Famous One'. When we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour we receive an all-access back stage pass...and the best part is IT NEVER EXPIRES. Unlike the fleeting meet and greet with the artist of the aforementioned when you meet Jesus and take His hand HE NEVER LETS GO!! HE NEVER LEAVES...AND HE NEVER ASKS YOU TO LEAVE because it is time for Him to move on.

So as you approach your personal of corporate worship time this week...remind yourself that if you KNOW Jesus...you have the all-access pass hanging around your neck and you are invited to every after party that will ever take place.

Give Tribute to OUR GOD and worship Him and Him alone!!!


Chad Mills

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