Turn A Rock-N-Roll Song into a Christian Song

Perhaps I'm not creative as some who can come up with a tune AND lyrics. Maybe it's a good excuse to remember the tune of "Smoke on the Water." It could be that I still enjoy the blazing guitar solo(s) of "Free Bird." It's fun to take old songs and give them Words of Hope. But I have found joy at turning some of the songs from decades past and making them "born-again" if you will.
Our church does:
Tell the World of Jesus [tune of Listen to the Music]
My God [My Girl]
Lift Him Up and Praise Him [Play That Funky Music]

I'm working on:
Praise God (and give Him the Glory) [Break Down]
Smoke From the Father [Smoke on the Water]
God Answered [Brown Sugar]
Lord of Lords [The Wizard]

The Beatles set a standard several years ago when a 50s group tried to sue them over a tune. Even though "He's So Fine" sounded just like "My Sweet Lord," The Beatles' lawyer convinced the jury that no one had a copyright to a chord progression. So I took an example from "Weird Al." He asks permission from the original artists.

I e-mailed the Doobie Brothers to ask them permission to use "Tell the World of Jesus" to the tune of "Listen to The Music." (they haven't gotten back to me yet.)

I have met other Christians who have written new words to old songs. I think it would be fun to have a band that did nothing but re-born songs. If they were played publically and there was money paid for the performance, there might be legal issues. That would have to be looked into...Do you think Black Sabath would give their permission ? :()

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Comment by Marie Ballard-Blakemore on December 16, 2009 at 1:56pm
That is awesome! And yes Balck Sabbath would probably give permission.


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