Vital Signs-Diagnostic Clinic for Pastors

Vital Signs-Diagnostic Clinic for Pastors

How would you like to take your church to the doctor for an annual check up to see how healthy it is? Each year when we get an annual physical, the doctor checks our vital signs and major systems to determine if we need some assistance in achieving maximum health. Do you know your church’s vital signs? How healthy is your church? Could one of your ministries be sick, or even worse, could it be infecting the whole church body? Do you know the life expectancy of your church? Is your church healthy enough to give birth? How is your church’s heart? Maybe it’s time for a CHECK UP!

“Vital Signs” is a diagnostic clinic. It is not a lecture or a classroom with fill in the blank questions. The conference will last for two days. You will be completing questionnaires designed to evaluate the eight major systems in your church. Bryan will give a brief seminar at the beginning of each session, and then you will work through the diagnostic questions in your notebook. Next, the small group facilitator will lead the group in a discussion to evaluate their church in that area. This will be a very intense workshop and is only intended for those who are serious about wanting to grow a healthy church, and are willing to work at it. There will be no golf trips, days to sleep in, or shopping trips at this clinic. It is two days filled with long hours of analyzing your church from top to bottom. This will be an exhausting, but eye-opening experience for the pastors who are selected to attend.

The cost of hiring a consultant ranges from $1500 to $5000. This gives you the same level of training and experience of having your own personal consultant for a very affordable price. Each person will receive a diagnostic notebook, as well as many supplemental materials and teaching DVDs.

This Vital Signs clinic will be held at Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 19-20, 2009. We have decided to concentrate on the largest category of churches in the world - those with 200 and less in weekly attendance. We will only be able to accept 50 pastors in this clinic, as well, and each one will be assigned to a small group consisting of ten pastors whose weekly attendance is similar to their own.

Church consultants can cost anywhere from $1500 - $5000. They are very expensive and you usually get a sight inspection, with a critique report at the end. This clinic will give you so much more than that! It will give you answers to questions you have been asking for years. Vital Signs will also show you how to develop a two year plan that will set your church and ministry on a course for spiritual, financial and numerical growth.

We will only be accepting 50 pastors for the November 19-20, Vital Signs Clinic. If you know of a pastor that would benefit from this extraordinary experience, please recommend that they respond quickly, because the last clinic filled up in only 10 days.

These will be the only groups we will be working with at the 2009 Vital Signs Diagnostic Clinic. We can only accept one person from each church due to our limited number of diagnostic groups.


$200 per person, this includes all meals. You will provide your own hotel arrangements. Our staff can send you a list of local hotels to choose from. We have 10 families at Twin Rivers who will open their home to a pastor if you would like to stay with them. You must provide your own transportation. Call our toll free number 866-274-1501 to set this up.


Because this is a limited group of individuals, we will not be able to accept each person who applies. If you would like to be considered for this diagnostic, please fill out an application on our website at Click on the "Online Registration" link and go to "Vital Signs Application." We will notify you if you have been accepted within a few weeks of receiving your request. If you have questions call our toll free number 866-274-1501.


Twin Rivers Worship Center,10575 Tesson Ferry Road, St. Louis, Missouri, 63123. (314)729-0704.

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