Let go of the heartaches, the shame, and the guilt.
You’re a strong woman of God, so stand on the foundation that was built.

By Him! Yes, the One who is in control
of your life give it to Him; then you will be on the roll!

It is a brand new day, a new life, so rejoice!
You have the victory; you have made the right choice.

Let your hair blow in the wind,
so the gentle breeze can speak to you so softly in your ear in the end.

Put your feet in the crystal blue water, and kick them in the sand.
Praise the Lord for you is on the altar

of prayer to keep the sanity,
the smiles, the laughs, that ultimate glow, and no it’s not from vanity!

No, no it isn’t vanity.
It is full in the arms, of the One who truly brought me into this world, and is protecting me from harm.

So don’t be afraid – stand out in peace!
Let your voice flows; please let it release

Written by Christina Teague

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