For some reason, I've been thinking of what is now an older song, written in 1995 (or so the teens in the worship team I'm in tell me). The song is Matt Redman's "Find Me In The River". I've been especially thinking about 2nd half of the chorus:

Find me on my knees with my soul laid bare
Even though your gone and I'm cracked and dry
Find me in the river, I'm waiting here.

I liken this Kathryn Scott's "Hungry" and even a older Maranatha song, Martin Nystrom's "As The Deer". (I think a lot of people have the wrong imagery with this song, they think of a Disney forest with Thumper and Bambi, but really I think the author is thinking of animal dying of thirst, that "panteth" or panting, gasping trying to hang on to find some water.)

So why am I thinking about these songs? About thirst? About hunger?

I think I'm waiting for revival. I believe it's like dry dessert before the rainy season. I believe and I'm hoping that God will bring true revival around into my life and the areas around me. I'm like the audience member waiting for the punch-line of a joke, just hanging on every moment, at the edge of my seat.

Fortunately it seems that I live in a part of the world that religion can be practiced freely (Canada). For the most part we are by far the richest people on the earth and probably the most educated. We have free medical care, most own their own houses and thrive in fairly decent careers.

Yet if you roll that all together, you don't get a power-house of God's people? I guess all the churches have their own issues, and obviously mine and that of my fellow country-men or even those in my continent are no exception. However, I can't get past the feeling that God wants us to have more. It's like the David Ruis song "There Must Be More".

I know some of you guys have expressed it that you are awaiting for God to move in your life and your local community. For me, I have a conviction that you can't force or make revival (there is no 10 step to revival or your money back guarantee), but for the most part I think you can invite it. So I'm going to keep praying, and keep trying to inspire God's people and see what God has in-store for us. We're slowly re-vamping our service to helpful adapt and change to our changing demographic. We hope to move on and mature and do great things. For us, it's starting with the worship music, but hopefully we'll have a new worship service that bringing people closer to God every time we meet. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to see God's people truly meet with God every Sunday and be changed, renewed, and see how they go out into the world different. In my own world-view, I believe our tools today as leader are
#1 - Unending Passion (Much like Matt Redman put it in his book - The Unquenchable Worshiper)
#2 - Dedication to Education (and ultimately both growth and effectiveness, though proper discipleship)

To borrow a line from a Bob Dylan song, hopefully:

"For the times, they are a-changin'."

So what are you doing in your neck of the words? Is God moving? How are you bringing about change at your church or in your life?

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