The sanctified worshiper is a spiritually sleepless worshiper. Those who are spiritually sleepless are always watching for God's movement in The Body, and in their individual lives because they understand that worship is not just a Sunday morning activity.  They understand that worship is not something we "do" but it is who we are as believers. They are also watching for enemy activity.   In Biblical history cities were fortified, or to put it another way, surrounded by very high, and very sturdy walls. There were usually "watchmen" stationed atop those walls.  Part of their job was to stand guard and warn of an approaching enemy. The prophets of Israel saw themselves as watchmen to warn the people of God's judgment if they did not repent. There is an interesting reference found in Proverbs 8:34, which states: "Blessed is the man who listens to me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at my doorposts."  This passage speaks of following Godly wisdom, but can it also be applied to our worship?  The apostle Peter admonishes us to be on the alert because our adversary, the devil, is seeking someone to devour (I Peter 5:8). Jesus Himself told us to be watchful in expectation of His coming (Matthew 24:42).


When we worship God on a regular basis - not only on Sunday morning - our spirits are sensitized to what God is doing. We worship Him not through our flesh, but through our spirit.  Our intentional worship of God, especially at the private level, keeps us on the alert because we are always tuned in to Him and "watching" with an expectancy, for God's movement and direction.  


What are you watching for?     


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