Welcome to my world,
A world so different from this world. Here you will find nothing. You won’t find colors like the colors in this world. You won’t hear any symphony. Or get to speak the language you speak in this world.

Yes, this is my world colorless, without symphony and without words to speak. This was the way I thought when I was young. As you are thinking now while you are reading
this. And I used to be very unhappy about this. But one day, as I was sitting in my window, I felt someone touch me. At first I thought it was my mother and I moved my hands to feel her because I could not speak, hear or see, as everyone else did. But suddenly I felt someone touch my mouth and the next moment I knew that I was speaking, and then the hands touched my ears and I could hear a beautiful symphony for the very first time and then I felt someone touch my eyes and I opened it to see something very beautiful.

Oh! That sight was so lovely. I could see a beautiful person standing before me. He was so handsome. His eyes were so radiant. His face so calm filled with love and his smile made me smile for the very first time in my life. And he told me come I will take you around and show you this world. Firstly, he took me to a very nice place. Where the atmosphere was so pleasant. And the moment I entered in, I knew it was the place of God as my mother had explained to me. Where people came and worshiped him and sang praises to his name. We waited there for sometime and I had a quiet time with the Lord. Then he told me come let’s go now. And then he took me around and I saw the beautiful nature created by the Lord. I could see so many different flowers and all kinds of trees around. I saw different kinds of birds and animals too. It was lovely. And I wished I could keep on seeing this forever. I was so excited and we moved forward to see more things. And I saw the most beautiful creation of God. But, I saw a different sight here. I saw Bombs being made; I saw all kinds of harmful stuff being consumed by kids and youngsters. I saw two nations fighting and killing innocent people. I saw riots and heard gun–shots. And so many other things. It was so unpleasant to see and the sounds made me faint. I just felt like running out of this place. And in this entire sight one thing was common there was blood shed everywhere I went. And I wished I could be the way I was before. At least, I was unaware of all these unpleasant sights. At least, it was better I could not hear all these terrible sounds and voices of cry and pain coming from all sides. It was so heart breaking. And when I saw this sight I started crying. And started praying Lord please let me be the way I was before. I can’t stand this Lord it is so bad, it’s so terrible. Please…!!! take me away from this place. I want to go back home. I want to return to my own world where there was Love, Joy and most of all Peace. And I closed my eyes. And tears flowed from my eyes. And I started to sob. I just kept on sobbing.

When suddenly someone touched me and I opened my eyes to see who it was. But I could not see anything, I tried to hear but I could not hear any sound or nor did I hear the terrible voices. I also tried to speak but I could not speak. And then I started to feel the person next to me. And then I knew it was my mom. And she asked me what happened? Was I again depressed for the way I was? And she tried to console me again as she did every time I felt weak and useless. But this time I stopped her. And I told her “don’t console me”. I don’t need it now. Because I am happy the way I am now. And I don’t want to see this world filled with pain and rage. Where people don’t understand how to use the blessings given to them by God. Where they just know the language of blood shed. And where they can just see all the worthless things and not the beauty created by God around them.

I just want to convey one message to the world. That though I was unhappy before for the way God had created me. But now I am very satisfied the way I am. I don’t need to see, talk or hear anything because I can feel God around me. I can feel him telling me that he is always there with me and he is showing me the most beautiful world filled with my mother’s love and care.

But I would like to tell all the people out there who are born without any disabilities that God is blessed you with eyes because he wants you to see the blessings he leaves for you every moment in your life and not to see unwanted and filthy things. He blessed you with ears so you could hear him talk with you day and night personally and through his word given to you not to hear filthy or worthless talks. And he gave you mouth to speak so that you could go out and share his word with the world which needs it the most.

So please understand today the importance of all these things and do use them for the right purpose. As god wants you to use it. Let’s glorify him for these beautiful things he has blessed us with. And let’s continue to give him thanks and honor in everything he has done for us and is doing till today. Thank You…!!

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