A recent discussion over on the Small Church group forum asked "How do you let someone go" who is lacking in talent? It reminded me of a story my father tells from early in his ministry (and perhaps an object lesson in what NOT to do...)

Before going to the mission field, my father was an associate pastor at a small church in Portland, OR. One Sunday he had the pulpit, and while making the morning's announcements mentioned that the choir was looking for new members.

"If we don't get some more members, I may need to join the choir!" my, let's go with "musically challenged," (read: "can't carry a tune in a covered bucket,") father quipped. Chuckles washed through the congregation, and then it was on to the next announcement.

One person, however, missed the humor: After the service, the choir director came up to my father and told him point-blank, in no uncertain terms: "We're not THAT desperate!"

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Comment by Junjie on February 21, 2009 at 3:11pm
I have found that it can be really difficult to get rid of weaker musicians you bring on in the days you are desperate. One church I know 'fired' ALL their musicians, got in two unknowns and one worship leader who could play guitar, and had them handle all the services.

Drastic step, right? :)
Comment by Dan Camp on February 24, 2009 at 12:56am


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