From the back of the van on our way home from camp I hear my daughter say, "Dad when Jesus says don't store up treasures on earth but store up treasures in heaven... what are the treasures in heaven?"

Of course all I'm thinking about is how much of my mind has been wrapped around giving and how much of my heart has been consumed with getting over the last few weeks...

I naturally went into a four part sermon with sub sermons (tangents) thrown in for free about what our Lord was contrasting and how our hearts are usually preoccupied with material possessions rather than being selfless and striving to give more away then we can ever be repaid for in this lifetime.

Few of us ever get there... not because the task is hard and certainly because we don't have enough of what people need to keep giving. We've been conditioned to expect payment... for everything.

Most of us will do the nice little things but how hard is it to dig down deep and give all we've got to someone who will never be able to repay us and may not even want to?

Apparently my final answer was that I don't know WHAT the heavenly treasure is (she got that from the camp director) but I knew how to get them (the camp director knew this as well).

I want my kids to know that I don't have all the answers for everything. I also want them to know what selfless living is all about and that the best example of selfless living is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I expect Jesus will have the most treasure in heaven.

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