Read 2 Kings 4:1 through 5:27

The widow’s cupboard held only a small amount of oil. Unable to pay her debts, the creditor demanded her sons become his slaves. Hopeless, she cried out for help (2Kings4:1). God performed a miracle through Elisha that saved the widow and her sons from the ravages of poverty.

Poverty is a stain on the fabric of every country. Single moms struggle to feed and clothe their children. The elderly choose between buying food and paying their utility bills. More homeless families live on the streets than ever before.

Christians are to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the poor by sharing what they have with the less fortunate. Even people on a tight budget can afford to give gifts of time such as baby­sitting, cleaning, teaching, or driving. Those are godsends to one who is financially struggling. Everyone can offer a listening ear and an encouraging word.

God gave His very best to save a poor and hopeless world from eternal desolation. With grateful hearts for His tenderness toward us, we can emulate His love and compassion by seeing needs and doing whatever we can to help.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, show me how I can help the people You put before me.

Quicklook: 2 Kings 4:1–7

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