You may wonder what this blog post has to do with worship.  I believe that God gives us a dream and a vision.  In order for us to believe for that dream or vision to become reality, we must be worshipers of almighty God, and remain hopeful in Him.  Don't worship the dream - worship God, who is the Giver of the dream.  Seeing a dream to fruition requires total focus on God, as does our worship of Him.  We must follow Him to see that dream become a reality.  No, I'm not necessarily talking about a dream you had while sleeping.  But if that's how God chose to give it to you, that's good too.  I'm talking about the dream or the vision that God placed on your heart; something you want to achieve, make happen, see made reality, that thing that grips your consciousness day and night. It stays with you no matter how you may not believe it will ever come to pass. That dream or vision that troubles you to the point that it won't be ignored. Whether sleeping or wide awake, your God-given dream won't let you go. That's how it is when God gives you a dream. I believe when God gives us a dream He intends to help us fulfill it. That's how you know the difference between a God-given dream, and some other kind of dream. The one God gives you won't leave you alone. If it isn't from God it won't linger. The dictionary defines a "vision" as a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination. A "dream," on the other hand, is defined as a strongly desired goal or purpose; it is something you want. So we can fuse the two kind of like this: A strongly desired goal or purpose that is fed by a thought or concept formed by the imagination. So I think your dream and your vision are connected, don't you?

Whatever your dream is you must write it down, water it, nurture it, keep it close to you, pray over it, speak life to it, put the Word on it, encourage yourself, thank God for the dream, AND for the manifestation of it. I know that's a lot, but your dream is much too important to leave to chance. It is also much too important to share with the wrong person. Everyone won't embrace your dream. There are haters out there who don't want to see your dream become reality, so be very careful who you share your dream with. Joseph was a dreamer, but his brothers could not appreciate his dream, and he found himself in a situation very, very far from the reality of his dream.  But the Word says that God was with Joseph.  In Genesis Chapter 37 his brothers sold him into slavery, but by Chapter 41, God turned it for Joseph, and he was appointed to the highest position just under Pharaoh.  Joseph's brothers could not control his dream, and people cannot control your dream.  

I am of the opinion that those who cannot share in the process of your dream don't deserve to see it when it's realized. I have a dream and I am determined to see it manifest. Sometimes I am so full of my dream that it's all I can think about. I am putting feet to my prayers, learning the blessing in delay, and learning to trust God during the process of making my dream a reality. I know what God gave me and I will not be stopped. People who are dreamers recognize vision when they see it; and while discouragement is part of the process, we don't stay discouraged. We stop, pray, regroup, and understand the power in encouraging ourselves in the Lord. That's what David did when his army wanted to stone him after they returned from battle to find their wives and possessions gone. I know you have a dream - are you watering it?

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Comment by Stevo on January 3, 2012 at 8:24pm

OK, I'll bite. What is your dream?


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