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How many times have you come into the presence of God filled with filth, dirt, huge dark black cloud hanging over you and you are so down but then you worship  God because he is God you allow him a place o move in your life. Such worship by the time you finish worshipping God you feel very light without a burden and free than the way you came. What would have happened is what one man called the beautiful exchange, God took that which weighed you down and replaced it with his beautiful things.


We Worship God because we empty out that which weighs us down and God will replace it with His goodness. It is when you worship out of the overflow of your heart that God touches our hearts and lives in a deeper way it is because we have allowed him to be such to us. Worship allows us to empty out that which we carry and it be replaced with the love and presence of God. It is when we leave our old man at the feet of God and we become more and more like him because we spend more time with Him. If we want to change our lives and look more like God all we need to do is worship Him from the overflow. It is a simple equation that God uses, WOW!


God with the Holy Spirit take away the dirt, hurts, pain and problems and replaces them with joy and peace for his glory. Worship is a more of a blessing to us as man than to God it is because we come before God with singing and hearts that are bend to worship but He response with filling us up, blessing us and filling us with his presence he does more to us than what he receives.


It is when we allow God to empty out our lives that we behold more of Him. One man said “you can not grab ahold of something when you have things you are holding in your hand, so first release that which is in your hand and receive what you are being presented with”. This is basically emptying out the old and outdated wrong things and receiving more of what God wants to do. So worship allows us to empty out, leave or dump it at the cross so that we beheld more of God.


Worship in The Beauty Of His Holiness.

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