You Mean More To Me Than Any Earthly Thing

A long time ago I realized there can be a disconnect between the words we sing in praise and how we live. I’ve heard preachers actually teach that we should check ourselves in worship and not utter words that profess something about our faith, our behavior or how we’ve been living unless those words are true.

There is not short answer or explanation but we need to keep a few things in mind.
1.    Christians are still sinners saved by grace
2.    None of us fully knows or experiences who we are in Christ in this world
3.    The mystery of why we’re seen as perfect has to do with Christ in us
4.    Auto suggestion that expresses our true nature helps transform our lives here

Therefore because it is true that God means more to us than any earthly thing we can and should say so. We should say so despite that stupid thing we just did that contradicts that truth. The more we say it, the more we’ll live it.

I Pour Contempt On All My Earthly Pride

Really? When?

Even if it only happens when deep in prayer, or at one of those many moments of repentance, pride in oneself produces the fall that can give rise to contempt for that pride.

If a Christian hasn’t poured contempt on all his earthly pride then it’s only a matter of time. If it doesn’t happen in this lifetime it will happen when we meet the Lord face to face. Just as every knee will bow every shred of self adulation will vanish like a mist.

What Happens In Worship

Our worship is an encounter with the Lord who is present within the believers who are assembled. The world is busy trying to infect the perfect truth that exists within us and Jesus is exposing all that dung and using it to fertilize the truth until it produces fruit fit for the kingdom.

If what we’re singing is true to the character of Christ and we’re connected in faith because we’ve surrendered our lives to Him, what we’re expressing from our heart will edify our minds and over time affect how we live.

There are songs that encourage us, bring us hope, remind us of our heritage and songs that challenge us toward growth. When we take the time to ‘Survey The Wondrous Cross’ we’re not only reviewing our heritage as Christians but challenging how we live.

In Christ I Can Do All Things

When Isaiah said, ‘they’ll mount up on wings like eagles…’ we have to wonder if this was strictly a metaphor, or some hidden spiritual truth that is beyond our understanding.

Songs that borrow from the colorful or creative expressions in Scripture don’t exactly fit the practical application of our day to day lives, but they inspire us to greatness.

There are many things that are true of Christ’s nature that aren’t true of our sinful nature but if we spend the time expressing the later we can’t expect to grow toward the former.
We may know what we’re capable of but living that out requires some rather bold proclamations.

We worship God even when what we’re singing mentions us because we’re His body. The coalescence of God, the angels, past men made perfect and our local body is quite the assembly and a vivid reminder that we’re living in the kingdom already;

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