The question, Who or what Directs Worship

Ever thought of it, Is it the metronome, the beat, kick drum, the singer, the chior. If not then what drives worship 

Worship is not about you and your needs, it isn’t about how we feel or have an idea about but it should be a place where God is lifted up the way he wants. Worship was set by God to be a place where we commune with God, enjoy his presence and also to become more like God because when we spent more time in his presence we become more like Him.  


“Most of the times we choose the way we want to worship God”.


“The key to worshipping God is the God you worship” Pst Bonnie Deushcle


“The ways and means of worship depends merely on God’s sovereign pleasure and institution”.


Worship should be a way which God’s will is done through your life, it’s not for us worshippers to dictate worship, how it is given and all the other details. We have built worship to match our taste, likes and the way we want to worship. It all starts with God and it ends with us communing with Jesus and enjoying Him and his presence but because of our selfish needs and likes we have turned the cycle to be the other way round.


Worship begins with God, dictated by the throne, one man said it that when we worship God we are not alone we have a company of heaven which worships with us as well. That which occupies the total energies of heaven should be a fitting pattern for the earth, let our worship be dictated by the heaven. Heavenly worship is perfect and pure and once we tap into the power thereof our lives will be changed.


When Moses built the tabernacle and when Solomon built the temple, they were both made sure they built them to the specifications that God laid down, so is it with our worship today. Just like a new thing you buy in the shop you read the manual for it or even contact the manufacturer and my point is that we should allow our worship to be directed and dictated by the throne room.


Let our worship blend with the worship that is given in heaven, so that al glory goes to God and we get to meet our maker in his presence.

"Worship Him In The Beauty Of His Holiness"




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