Why God is Fussy About His Presence Part 2


“But Jesus answered, "I assure you that the Son can do nothing alone. He does only what he sees his Father doing. The Son does the same things that the Father does”. John 5:19 


Jesus declared these words to prove a point to the Jews of his place and his ministry and was trying to show them the source of his life.

Jesus meant that all He did was exactly what he SAW literally seeing. How did Jesus see what the father was doing?

Jesus spent time with the father alone in his presence. Do you?

Jesus chased after God, Jesus even though he was God sought after the Father. He would serve people the whole day and then pray all night as long as he could carry. Think about it…

The question would be why the presence of God? He already receives perfect angelic worship, the earth, creation gives him worship why does he still ask me to worship when he is already having way better worship than my sinful life?

God asks us to dwell in his Presence because His presence

  • Is a place of revelation – so many times we search to know who God is and the only way to know who God is, spend time in His presence and he will get to show you more of who He is daily and all times. Not just revelation of who He Is but it’s a place where our questions are answered.


  • Is a place of battle and victory – it’s the place where we win all the physical battle, one man once said everything on earth is rooted in the spirit. The only way to deal with anything physical you are facing as an individual, church or worship group has to be dealt with in the spirit.


  • Is a place of renewal and replenishment – as worshipper, worship leader, temple musicians we are always leading worship and in that place we offer everything in our worship and the virtue within us is drawn out of us. If the source of a spring is closed the river or dam around will dry. If we are to worship out of the fullness lets always allow God to replenish us and his presence is that spring in our lives.


  • Is a place of affirmation – no matter how humble you are, how awesome you are as superman or superwoman affirmation in one’s life is needed. So many times we look for affirmation from the wrong places. Let God affirm us always and all times and in his presence affirmation is one on one, it’s just you and God alone.


One thing you will realize that if we don’t get time in his presence we will go into the world and turn to things to look for all affirmation, revelation, victory and renewal and we will always fall short. The best place is in his presence.

Let’s live there….

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